5 Horrifying Breakup Stories

When it comes to breakups there isn’t a large supply of happy stories. Ending a relationship of ending length is filled with emotion, and with emotion comes rash decisions that are often poor. With this is mind, when somebody says the have a truly horrifying breakup story, you can pretty much be sure it’s going to go above and beyond your standard fare. Here are 10 of the most horrifying breakup stories we could dig up.

Dumped Via Postcard

This story is truly something else. It’s not uncommon to hear of people gushing over how they were dropped via text or even email, but this rare specimen went the extra mile and broke up with their significant other via postcard. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Ring

This couple was basically doomed from the get go and this is a cautionary tale for anyone who tries to push their relationship forward to quickly. After just a few short months, they were already looking at rings. You can imagine her surprise when he showed up the next day, greeted her with a hug, a kiss, and the words every girl longs to hear, “I think we should break up.” Ouch.

Games Over Girls

This relationship was going 3 years strong before the worst happened. The two had already brought an engagement ring into the mix before she had really started think of what sort of future she wanted for the two of them.Issues began to arise when it was clear his desire to play games professionally was coming before their relationship. He blatantly stated this, and she packed up his stuff. Game over.


She Quit Her Job, He Quit Her

Another great story to illustrate how long distance relationships very rarely work out. This couple was set to be married, up to the point of setting the date, but the two lived quite a distance away. She had plans to move where he was and had taken the steps to accomplish this. This included quitting her job and gave notice on her apartment.You can imagine her surprise when he called up only a few days later to tell her that he loved her, but didn’t want to marry her or have her moved in. Timing is everything, something this guy clearly didn’t understand.

Dumped By His Mom

This poor girl was with her boyfriend for several years and actively planning their wedding. One night, out of seemingly nowhere, his mom shows up at the door in tears. She gives her a nice big hug and exclaims “I can’t believe he broke up with you!” Thing is, he hadn’t, she had just done it for him.Thing is, he hadn’t, she had just done it for him.

The next time you find yourself broken hearted over being ghosted or broken up via text, do yourself a favor and return to this article to give yourself a healthy reminder of how much worse it could have been.


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