4 Ways to Escape From a Horrific Date

You’re bound to have atleast one bad date in the span of your life, maybe it’s already happened and maybe it hasn’t. If it hasn’t you’d wonder how the hell would you escape a bad date? It’s tough leaving a date in the middle of it, but when you aren’t exactly feeling it you can’t help but want to escape it. Being in an awkward situation isn’t fun for anyone, and sometimes you’ve got to remove yourself from those situations.

Sometimes you’ve got trouble figuring out how to end the date, especially if you don’t know the situation you’re in. Maybe you’re not feeling them simply, and there’s no chemistry whatsoever or maybe you’re feeling as though the date isn’t safe or that there’s something off about it. There are plenty of ways of ending a date that’s got you checking the clock every other minute. Some ways are harsher than others, but either way, these escape ideas are fool-proof and will get you out of there in no time.

Being Honest

It’s perfectly fine if you’re not feeling the date, or that there’s a lack of chemistry, but try sitting it out for more than a few minutes. If halfway through the date you’re sitting there either in awkward silence, or listening to him rambling, and you know for sure that there won’t be a second date. Tell him that you’re not feeling it and that he’s not the match for you. Honesty can be a bit harsh, but it will be sure to get you out of a date. Who knows, maybe once you tell him the mood and vibe of the date will become more positive and fun, and maybe the two of you might become friends.

Safety Comes First

If you feel unsafe at any given moment on the date, then, of course, it would be best to get yourself out of that situation. There are a variety of options that will get you out of a sticky situation, and if you’re aware of which bar or restaurant the two of you are heading to, some places have a secret saying that will notify the server and bartender that you are feeling unsafe, and need help getting out of this date. Usually, the secret codes that are used in bars and restaurants are usually associated with a cocktail or drink, so order one up that’s labeled for the purpose of a secret saying and you’ll be sure to be in good hands. There’s also an app available, that provides you a fake call giving you an excuse to get out of a date immediately. The app (Bad Date Rescue) will be your night and shining armor, that’ll get you out of a date in a minute.


Deadlines Will Be Your Bestfriend

If you’re not keen on being honest, and possibly hurting someone. Drop a little lie, your bestfriend in dates that are getting dragged out and are going nowhere are deadlines. Tell your date that you’ve got to meet up with your friend, and didn’t expect your date to go so long. Explain to him that this was planned ahead of time, and there’s no chance of rescheduling. This is a great way of ending a date because if anything it won’t harm your chances of a second date if you decide to give the man another chance.

Getting The Wrong Idea, Drop The F-Bomb

Often times, the two of you may not be on the same page. One of you might think that this date is heading one way, and the other would be thinking it’s going nowhere. Sometimes your date might think that there’s a lot of physical chemistry; let them know it’s platonic and that there’s nothing ahead of you involving any remote physical activity. Body language can definitely help your date realize that you don’t feel the same way. If they don’t get the idea, or that you simply feel as though they’re really pushing this date, drop the f-bomb. There’s nothing wrong with friend zoning your date, they’ll most likely get the message loud and clear and will understand that this isn’t going anywhere.

Are there any secrets you can share, that have helped you out in escaping bad dates? Let us know, we’ll be reading!


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