4 Ways to Get the Perfect Dating App Picture


Feel like you’re not getting the attention you’re aiming to get? Dating apps are flooded with millions of users, and often times you feel as though you’re sometimes competing with other profiles because some of them might be more polished and appealing. Maybe it’s time to up your game on dating apps, and the best way to do so is by perfecting the profile picture! Your profile picture is the first thing users see, and whether we hate to admit it or not, appearance does influence your decision on whether you’re interested in the person or not. It’s your first impression, and that first impression is what leads to the user swiping right or left.

When taking the perfect picture for your profile on a dating app, it’s important to stay truthful to who you are. Don’t make yourself look like someone you’re not, as often times that profile pic can often lead your potential match to a misconception. Yes, your profile pic is primarily about your appearance, but why not let your personality shine through? A picture says a thousand words, so put in some effort when it comes to your profile picture.

Here’s a step by step guide, that will help you ladies and men in getting the perfect profile picture for your dating applications!

How Many Is Too Many?

Some may think that there’s never enough pictures when uploading them to your profile, but there is. There’s such thing as too many, and frankly, many of us don’t exactly want to be flipping through your gallery for a good 10 minutes. Having an extensive amount of pictures, leave little to your imagination. The ideal number of pictures for your profile is five. That gives users a good enough idea of what type of person you are, and what your physical appearance is. Having less than five pictures, causes people to often doubt and distrust your profile, and wonder whether or not you’re real or a catfish. Have a range of pictures, whether it’s headshots, candids, or portraits. Give users an idea of what your personality might be like.

Pets Are A No Go

Selfies or pictures with your pup or kitten might seem like a good idea but surprisingly they don’t affect how people view your profile whatsoever. Often times, people prefer pictures without a pet, as they’re trying to see you for you, and not of you with your puppy pausing for a cute picture whether it’s a candid or a selfie.


Your First Picture Matters!

Don’t upload a full body pic, that’s clearly fully zoomed out that you can barely make out your face, as your first picture. People want to see your face, and the most successful profiles have a picture of their face as their first picture. Not using a face shot as your profile picture, can often make it harder to form an instant connection. Don’t hide, you’re bound to see each other face to face at one point, so it’s best to do it right away. Good lighting can play a key role when it comes to a good face shot, let the natural light display your unique features; on that note avoid black and white photo’s as they won’t give an honest display of your colorful personality and features.

Variety is Key!

Variety plays a major role when it comes to a perfect profile on a dating app; a variety of profile pictures provides an insight on who you are along with what you’re interested in, to other users. Have a mix of pictures, include portrait pictures, along with full-length pictures. Include pictures of you when you’re on holiday, or a candid of you doing something that you enjoy. Not only will it show your interests, but if you do match up with someone it will provide them with an idea of what to do on your date.

What are your tips and tricks for a perfect profile picture on a dating app? Let us know!



  1. Karolina
    Karolina says:

    Wow. Another online social device that shows how false people are in person and disgusting they are behind the veil of the internet. I’m the same bitter shut in in real life as i am on the internet. God help me if i ever have to go back “on the market” cause shit like this jades me pretty hard.

    1. Malin
      Malin says:

      It’s not that bad. You can also see what FB likes (bands, shows etc) you have in common and have a little blurb so it’s not just hot or not for the mobile generation. Some friends and I have had some fun with it.

    2. Yadira
      Yadira says:

      This is true. When I see fat chicks in school takes “selfies”, they always show only 1/4 of their body at most and press their saggy ass boobs together to make them look big. If I had a nickel for how many people that do that, I would be able to buy a new computer.

  2. Shu
    Shu says:

    okay so Ive had tinder for about 2 years now…..Ive had around 15-20 matches and at least half of them were friends….I think I’m just ugly LMFAO

    1. Holly
      Holly says:

      It’s basically the same, except without the “Score” or “Rating” feature. And people seem more active on “Tinder” than they are on “Hot or Not”

  3. Aynur
    Aynur says:

    I’m married but I almost want to try that app and see how few matches I get. 2 matches? Wooohooo! Self-esteem boost!

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