5 Ways to Meet and Attract New People

Have you just gotten out of a relationship and are already looking for a new one to jump into? Or are you simply looking for your significant other, but can’t seem to attract the right one or anyone for that matter? It’s not just you, honey and we’ve got a guide for all you ladies out there on how to score the right man and get people’s attention. It’s hard getting into the dating game, especially when you’ve either been out of it for so long or simply have no experience and don’t exactly know what to do, or how to do it.

Ladies, remember the dating ring is full of trial and error. Just because you couldn’t catch the person you’ve had your eye on for quite a while, doesn’t mean that you should hand in your boxing gloves and give up. Keep your head up high, because without any practice you won’t get a real idea of how it works and how to score a date you’re actually interested in.

First off, know that there are other people like you who are in the search as well, so keep an open mind and don’t single anyone out because who knows you might just single out “the one”. When it comes to mingling and flirting, your plan shouldn’t consist of pinning anyone out in the room. Don’t be too target specific, because in the end you just end up closing yourself off from being open towards any options.


Also, remember that body language plays a huge role, no one will approach you if you’re closed off, cold and scoring a real RBF (Resting Bitch Face). People want to be around you when you’ve got a warm and inviting aura around you. Many will even gravitate towards you if you’ve got a genuine smile on your face. Furthermore, it’s not just about how your body acts, try avoiding phones and laptops. When people see that you’re busy, they immediately rule out the idea of approaching you because you’re too busy doing something. Try using your phone less for example when you’re at a cafe, who knows maybe someone will approach you.

Lastly, if you do see that someone’s paying attention to you, and eyeing you from either beside you or from a bit of distance; don’t be afraid to break the ice. Walk on over to them, and say hello, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you don’t feel comfortable, our suggestion is to try and make three new social engagements a day. Doing so will help boost your confidence, and will help you also socialize freely and will ultimately improve your communication skills, which are a key factor that plays a huge role when it comes to mingling and dating.

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