5 Winter Date Ideas

Do you ever watch movies and the only time you see something remotely close to a winter date is when a couple heads out ice skating, only to grab a cup of hot cocoa after? Well, we’ve got a list of winter date ideas, that aren’t played out or require a pair of skates and amazing balancing skills. The winter season is a great opportunity to come up with some relaxing, and intimate date ideas that will only bring you and your significant other, closer. With the blistering cold making an appearance, instead of huddling up over a cup of hot chocolate after a quick skate around the skating ring, I’ve got a list of five of my favorite winter dates, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well.

Go to The Opera or See a Ballet

Winter is the perfect season to book some tickets to an opera or to a ballet. The winter season is always packed with magical pieces, like the classic the Nutcracker. You’ll be sure to catch a show, that’s filled with enchanting stages, and quality performances. If you’re attending an opera, this gives you and your date chance to dress up and have a glamorous and chic night out on the town.

Book an Intimate Spa Appointment For The Two of You

If you feel as though the two of you are in for a much-needed session of relaxation, book a day at the spa for you and your loved one. Some spas even offer a retreat package where the two of you can stay a night in their hotel. So if you’re looking to spend a bit more, book a room and a 60 minute massage for the both of you, and you will be guaranteed that this date is a success.


Take a Sleigh Ride Through The Park

Always wanted to feel as if you were in Home Alone 2 at Central Park? A snowy park is picture perfect, and what better way to experience it than grabbing a carriage, and experiencing a slay ride through it while you and your date watch the snow covered trees, and ground pass by. You can even grab a cup of hot cider to enjoy on your ride, while you and your partner sit there intimately enjoying not only the ride but each others presence.

Take a Trip To a Local Ski Lodge

If you’re looking to book a short getaway for you and your significant other, ski lodge’s are the perfect place to go to during the winter instead of jetting off to a tropical island. Enjoy and embrace the winter, by grabbing either a pair of ski’s or a snowboard and hitting the slopes. If active activities aren’t for you, head out to one of the spa’s that the lodge holds and enjoy your personal time together.

Hot Springs

If you’re into hot-tubbing, especially during the winter season. Take your date to some hot springs, it’s a chance to strip off and jump into some steaming water in the wilderness. Not only that, but you’ll also be receiving spa like treatment, as hot springs are known to be extremely therapeutic, due it’s high levels of mineral content.


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