Tips That Will Change Your Love Life

Is there a special someone in your life that you wish you could make fall for you? Are you sick of giving your heart away and receiving nothing in return? Have you been looking for love and coming up short? If so, don’t worry! It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the dating game, especially when it seems that the rules are always changing. If you’re ready to play the dating game to win, then read on for five dating tips that will change your love life and teach you how to make any man fall for you.

Let Him Lead

Have you ever experienced amazing chemistry with a man that fizzled as soon as you came on a little too strong? Many women meet Mr. Right and charge at him like a football player. If you have your eye on someone new, let him have a little fun chasing you. Allow him to lead, and you’ll be the one returning his missed call.

Pat Him on the Back

Don’t be shy about letting him know that you appreciate his good qualities. Take the time to understand the things that are important to him and throw a compliment or two his way when you see him excelling at something. Show him that you like him for who he is, and he will feel safe and confident in your presence.


Keep it Light

Save that intense discussion about your ex-boyfriends or your current family drama for later down the line. Maximize the blissful beginning and keep your time together lighthearted and fun. While your ideal man will be supportive of you through good times and bad, it is crucial that you develop a strong bond before you unveil the skeletons in your closet. Knowing how to make him laugh is an essential ingredient in making him fall for you.

Don’t Lose Sight of You

Finding a potential partner is no excuse to stop building the relationship you have with yourself. Keep investing in the things that fill your time when you’re single. Spend time with your gal pals, reserve moments in your day to pamper yourself, and don’t be afraid to say No to a date from time to time. Maintaining a healthy friendship with yourself will demonstrate to him that you are independent and self-sufficient.

Move at His Pace

Although things between you and your sweetie may be smooth as silk, avoid the urge to start buying bridal magazines and picking out baby names. Men are often most afraid that women will push them too quickly into a decision they are not ready to make. If you show him that you respect his timing, he is more likely to speed up his pace without even realizing it!

Falling in love is certainly not a math equation. Nevertheless, if you apply this simple formula, you won’t have to wait long before you make that special guy in your life fall for you.


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