6 Ways To Fall In Love All Over Again

Not all but many of us sometimes feel as though we run into a dead end when it comes to our relationships, we feel as though there’s nothing for us to do more, and as a unit, we aren’t moving anywhere. We sometimes question whether or not we should continue this chapter in our life, or drop it and flip onto the next one. Instead of jumping to the latter, there are many ways to spark the slowly dying flame to your relationship.

All relationships go through phases, and it’s just something as a couple you’ve got to work on. Some phases may seem easier than others, for example, there’s the honeymoon phase. The two of you are completely in love and your relationship is full of passion, romance, and lots of lip-locking and hand holding. The honeymoon phase is a chapter in your life where the two of you are at bliss and it’s something the two of you remember forever. As time goes on, the two of you get more comfortable with each other and you enter a new chapter in your life. There isn’t a problem with falling out of love with your partner or feeling as though your relationship has come to a standstill.

If you feel as though hand holding and lip locking has been replaced by shouting and finger pointing, fear not this is something that many couples go through as they progress through their relationship. All couples have arguments, and it’s normal. The two of you just need to spice up your relationship, with intimacy, new activities, and other new ideas that will bring back the passion that the two of you seem to have lost.

Here at Love And Pearls, we’ve created a list of 6 ways of falling in love all over again with your partner.


1. Plan Ahead but Keep It Underwraps
Planning will be your best friend in this situation, whether you’re planning a surprise date night or a spontaneous night in, full of intimacy and sex. The two of you or one of you can plan something and inform the other that there will be something coming up on that specific day. Keep the actual plans and what you’ll be doing a surprise; doing so will keep the two of you on edge and full of excitement! If the two of you don’t plan, then you two will never get to doing anything together.
2. Find Something The Two Of You Enjoy Doing
It’s important that the two of you find something that the both of you enjoy doing together. Find a hobby that appeals to the both of you, where you two will be able to communicate between one another and enjoy spending the intimate time together.

3. Try Focusing On Your Partner
Try giving your partner a compliment, daily. Remind them of what you like and love about them, this will show that not only are you acknowledging them but the love and relationship that the two of you share. Also, avoid always spending time on your phone, or looking at a monitor whether it’s your computer or TV, look at them every once in a while during the day. It’ll show that you care about them, and acknowledge them.

4. Create A Dream Board
The two of you should always dream together, and dream of things you’d like to have realized in the future. Create a dream board, with each other dreams on it. This will encourage you as a couple to dream of things that include the both of you.

5. Make Room For Intimacy
As we’ve mentioned it’s important to plan, whether it’s a date or a night where the two of you indulge in each other. It’s important to make room in your schedules and calendars for the nights that the two of you would like to spend together, this doesn’t mean that we are saying write an exact date for when the two of you will sleep together but make sure to have something to build up to it.

6. Escape To a Vacation Getaway Together
Plan a trip together, the two of you might be in need of a change of environment. Escape to a romantic getaway, and discuss whether the two of you are looking to bond over relaxation, beaches, and spas or if the two of you believe that a challenge where the two of you are dependent on each other will bring you closer together as a couple.

Let us know which tips you’d suggest to us! We’d love to know!


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