The Foods You Should Definitely Avoid Ordering on a Date

You would think it would be easy to go on a dinner date with your partner but unfortunately, there is a list of strict no’s when it comes to ordering food. Going on a full on dinner date at a restaurant is much more finicky than just grabbing a coffee or a drink. You’ve actually got to put in some thought when it comes to ordering. You don’t want it to be too messy, too smelly, or too high maintenance even if it’s something you truly enjoy eating.

There are a variety of foods and dishes that are awkward to eat, but the three that make it to the top of our lists are Spaghetti, Sushi, and Salads. Those three dreadful dishes each share a common quality, they’re hard to eat. If a salad isn’t chopped up properly, you’ll be stuck chewing on a leaf for a good minute, and don’t forget those dreadful cherry tomatoes that are bound to squirt at one point or another. Sushi rolls are sometimes small and comfortable to eat, but if you’ve ordered something impressive, you’ll be sure to be eating a huge roll or atleast trying to. Lastly, Spaghetti’s a flat out no unless you’re planning on reenacting Lady and The Tramp, to amp the romance up during your date.

Another factor to take into consideration when ordering a dish is the odor that comes with it and stays behind once you’re done eating. I’d suggest avoiding Garlic and Onion all together, even if you’ve been looking forward to having that piece of garlic bread that come at the start of your dinner.  If you’re seeing the words marinated and truffle oil, despite how luxurious it sounds, avoid those two as well. Let’s also not forget the beans that not only leave a sound behind but a dreadful odor that will be sure to leave the date on a sour note.


Don’t let difficult and messy foods kill the vibe of your date because, in reality, it’s hard to gaze at someone with lust and romance when they’re eating a messy piece of rib or chicken wing. Despite how tasty it is, you don’t want to be sitting there with a face covered in rib sauce. Nor would you want to be digging into shellfish, and trying to get in the nooks and crannies of it. It really doesn’t scream romance or allure.

If you seem to only know what one thing on the menu is, order it. Don’t commit the biggest faux pas when it comes to a dinner dates. Avoid ordering the same thing as your date, it leaves little room to talk, if the date becomes a bore near the end. Try avoiding dishes that are hard to pronounce as well, if you’re planning on making it look like you know what it is. If not, ordering something hard to pronounce is a good way of adding humor to your date.


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