6 Signs That Mean You’re Just Not That Into Him

Sometimes you’re on a date and you realize that maybe you’re just not into him, or maybe you’ve jumped into a relationship to early to be able to really get an idea of who this person might be and later on you feel yourself starting to slowly lose interest in them. There are signs of not being interested in someone, that can help you determine whether it’s a phase or whether it’s time to cut strings and break things off with your significant other.

It isn’t always fun, breaking things off with someone whether they just started or have been going for a couple of months and maybe years. It’s not exactly fun either to lead someone on when clearly the two of you can be using this time to find someone who’s perfect for the two of you.

Here’s a list of 6 signs that can help you determine whether you’re just not that into him, anymore.

Little White Lies Can’t Hurt You Right?

What you don’t know, might not exactly hurt you. If you find yourself avoiding making plans with him, and the reason to do is that you’ve already got other things planned, but in reality you’re simply hiding out in your home binge watching the Sex and The City series, then clearly you’re not that into him and would much rather prefer spending your free time with yourself, rather than being on a date.

Old Favorites Are Now Your Sworn Enemy

If the old things you used to absolutely love and couldn’t get enough of, have become something you absolutely can’t stand because they remind you of them. Then clearly there’s something wrong, and you might just be falling out of love with them. Don’t let someone you’re just not that into anymore, ruin things for you. Let them go, and enjoy your favorites! Don’t change yourself, because of someone else whether it’s for the best or worst.

Am I Missing Something?

Have you started realizing that you kind of forget about them, and don’t exactly miss them? If the only time you’re thinking about them, is when you’re with them, then ladies it’s time to ditch the baggage and move on. Clearly, you’re better off as an individual, who isn’t tied into a relationship they’re not exactly involved in.


There’s No Spark To The Slowly Burning Flame

Each time the two of you go out on a date or spend some intimate time together, you find yourself sitting there without a single emotion. His quirks no longer make you swoon and smile instead, make you cringe slightly. And overall you just know that there’s not a single spark between the two of you. The date itself might be a fun idea, but you’re not having and you’d much rather have it with someone else than them. When the spark that makes you giddy, happy and all smiley is gone, it’s time to find it once again and hope it’ll stay.

You’ve Got A Wandering Eye

You can’t help but check out the bartender serving up drinks, nor can you avoid the small details like his piercings and tattoos. Soon you find yourself wondering what they’re like and if they’re single, only to forget that you’re in fact taken and out of the dating ring. If you’ve got a wandering eye, it’s better to break things with your current relationship before jumping into another and avoid hurting anyone in the process.

You’re Never In The Mood

Intimacy and sex are the last things on your mind when you’re with your significant other. There is no desire or lust prying into your relationship. You simply don’t think about physical intimacy with your partner when you’re together. This often happens when things fizzle out between the two of you, and you lose that interest you’ve had in him. Instead of pretending and exchanging kisses to fool yourself into believing that you’re still into them, break things off and spare yourself the unwanted physical attention.


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