Bizarre Weddings

A unique wedding is always a priority when choosing exactly what you want to do for your big day. In these cases though, people have gone above and beyond… Way beyond. These are some of the most bizarre weddings we could find.

Hanging Out

This couple loved rock climbing. So much so that they actually had their wedding photos taken on the side of a cliff. You read that correctly. The suspended themselves and somehow found a photographer willing to do the same. While we think this really is crazy, it definitely made for some really unique and amazing photos.

BizarreWeddings_secondary5 Till Death Do Us Part

This couple is definitely unique, the had their wedding photos taken with the two of them laying in a large sized coffin. Why? We really couldn’t tell you. Its hard to figure out what exactly drove these two to think this was a good idea. Apparently, it’s supposed to drive off bad luck. To each their own.


We Formed a Bond. James Bond.

This couple took a page out of our first example and rappelled down a building for their ceremony. Luckily enough for the guest, they were not required to do the same. The couple apparently does this for a living, both are employed as exterior cleaners of high rise buildings.


Zero Gravity

You’re probably thinking this couple went out to space. As cool as that sounds, the couple wasn’t quite that crazy but did recreate the experience of zero gravity by having a plane fly up and down several times during a one hour flight. A truly strange idea, it did make for some truly memorable pictures.


I’m Lovin’ It

This isn’t so much crazy as it is questionable. This couple had their wedding reception at a McDonald’s location. Why anyone would want this is beyond us, but it was for sure a budget friendly idea.


There are plenty of other truly amazing ideas out there for wedding receptions, so it’s pretty mind boggling that these couples chose to go the routes they did, especially when you factor in the time, planning and costs that likely went into making a lot of them happen. I suppose people will always be doing weird things. Who are we to judge?


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