Clues That Will Help You Determine if He’s the One

Love is tricky business, so navigating whether or not you’re with the one can be a hard trip. This is one of those tough situations where you will be completely on your own, as nobody can really say how you are feeling in your relationship. Friends and family can offer up advice, but in general, it’s up to you to make the final call. While we won’t claim we can tell you if he’s your soulmate either, we can provide you with some things to look for to help you figure out how you feel.

How You Feel Around Him

Don’t think butterflies in your stomach, thinking comfortability. Are you comfortable when you are around him? Are you afraid to express your true feeling? Or are you an open book for him and him alone?

These types of questions will really help put things into perspective. If you find yourself holding back, or feeling like you may be embarrassing him, chances are you are not well suited. We are talking about someone you may be ushered into your family in the future, so you should feel as comfortable with him as you do them. Keeping this in mind during the entirety of your relationship will always keep you in the know and also pushing yourself to keep your relationship growing.

How He Treats You

If your man treats you like garbage, then that’s exactly where he belongs. Keep in mind that nothing is %100 good or bad and everyone makes mistakes. If your man loses his temper or makes a mistake here and there it’s generally nothing to worry about, but if these sorts of feeling and situations are generally the norm, then it may be time to pursue finding love elsewhere.


How You Treat Him

Often times your actions will be speaking to your true feelings even when you don’t know what those feeling are. If you are leaning more and more towards neglecting the feeling of your man, then it may be a cause for concern. As stated before, nothing is perfect and things will happen that aren’t considered desirable, but if they are becoming the norm, it may be time to delve deeper into why that is. Often times you will be pushing your man away long before you realize it’s because the two of you just are not right for each other.

How You Mesh Together

You know how he makes you feel and you know how you make him feel. You’re in the clear right? No. Unfortunately, the most important thing is the last, how you guys react together.

A good relationship includes both time together and time apart. If you find yourself being pushed to be together all the time, this is a problem. Alternatively, if you find yourselves never spending any time together, this is also a concern.

If you both are enjoying your time together, share similar hobbies and interests, and are able to respect each other alone time, it’s quite possible you’ve found your soulmate. If you’re nailing our previous points as well, you may have the most perfect relationship we’ve ever seen. Here’s to being happy!

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