Dating with Marriage in Mind


Most people are very upfront with the people they meet, and when they meet someone that they want to date, they want to be an open book. This is because the man or woman is dating with the specific intention of meeting someone that they can marry. They believe that honesty is the best thing that could ever happen to a relationship and if they just met the right person, they want them to know where they stand honestly.

Some people might be dating when marriage is on the mind for other reasons. The person might be a single parent who is tired of carrying the burden of raising a child alone. They are looking for a soul mate that they can go further down the roads of life and bring up another individual who has learned to respect people and relationships that formed almost overnight.


People are willing to work on bad habits and point out their good ones when they are dating with marriage on the mind. They want the person that they talk to several times a day to know who they are talking to. They are very often willing to bare their soul and tell the person everything that they have done wrong in life and hope that the individual is who they think they are and will look past that and see a soul that is totally beautiful, just and right.

Some people that are dating someone after a bad relationship ended many months back might not have marriage on the mind that might seem like they are ready to run to the altar. They might make it clear that marriage is an open option to them and that they are through with dating people that treat them badly. These men and women are sure to set the ground rules right at the start of a new relationship that defines in no uncertain terms how they expect to be treated on every date that they go on in the future.

There are unique situations that might make marriage an option, but the people that are dating might not want that situation to present itself anytime soon. Some individuals date others to have sex and never think of the consequences of the act until a pregnancy test comes out positive. Those people are certainly compatible in many ways, but it will require further discussion to determine if marriage is the best thing for them to engage in next.



  1. Lavra
    Lavra says:

    But what if you really have a hermit mindset? I always tell myself that I need to be more friendly but when it comes to do stuff, I lose interest.

  2. BoaBlue
    BoaBlue says:

    This is why I’m single, people play too many games. It’s like “oh, i like you, but I can’t try too hard to like you or else I’ll start NOT liking you. So i’m gonna casually like you, while saying I’m “seriously pursuing”, and see you once every 1-2 weeks. That cool?” Fuck that. Why can’t people just be honest and real? I don’t play games. If i like you, I’ll want to hang out with you, plain and simple. I’m not saying I want to see said person every day of the week, but I have enough free time for at least 1-2 times a week and so should the other person. If you don’t want to see me that often, you clearly don’t give a shit and you just want to casually “see where this goes”, and I ain’t dealing with it. Fuck outta here with that.

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