Dating Apps for College Students

Forget about Tinder, and Grindr. If you’re a college student looking for something more than just a casual hook-up or one night stand, look no further because we’ve got all the best dating apps for you right here. We know you guys are getting sick of the constant swiping left and right, and simply exchanging messages back and forth. These apps thrive off pushing people to interact face to face, these apps are merely a stepping stone when it comes to forming a relationship.

These apps are the current go-to applications that are making it onto students phones. Some of these apps either do the work for you when finding your match, or give you an easier way of finding one by providing filters, and options when swiping right. Two critical aspects that seem to be missing from both Grindr and Tinder.



Happn is what we would call a major upgrade from Tinder. Their brand aims to let people know that there are a bunch of potential candidates that are simply passing you by on the daily. Unlike Tinder, Happn has a GPS that takes online dating a step further, by notifying you of all the users in their database that you’ve actually crossed paths with throughout your day. Happn also organizes its profiles in a timeline format, they build it off the location and time you’ve passed a registered user.


Coffee Meets Bagel

The whole concept of Coffee Meets Bagel, are for quick date ideas. This app pairs you up with someone based on you profile information, friends, and preferences. All in all Coffee Meets Bagel acts as a digital matchmaker and will send you a potential match by noon every day. This is a great app for college students, as you literally have got nothing to do, in order to find someone. The app does everything by itself for you, with the data it receives from you. Students will highly benefit from this app, without having to do anything.



Tired of all the creeps lurking on Tinder? Yet you’re looking for an app somewhat similar to it? Friendsy is your perfect match, as it’s got similar aspects to the app giant. Friendsy is solely intended for student purposes and requires users to have an .edu email to limit the users to only college students. This app allows you to establish if you’re looking to hook up, find a relationship or just a friend. You’ve also got the option of rejecting a potential candidate completely. Another unique option added to this rising app is filtering out matches based on gender, school, majors and even the year of school.


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