Divorce Survival Guide

If breakups are hard, divorce is excruciating. When it comes to life after divorce it can be tough to get back into the swing of things and start feeling yourself again, especially when children are involved. Everything changes and you now find yourself in an unfamiliar situation and likely feeling alone and confused. The following are some great tips to surviving your divorce and getting your life back on track.

Seek Out a Support Network

There isn’t a heal all strategy to surviving a divorce, but one thing that rings true through all of them is reaching out to friends and family to help get you through it. You’ll likely find yourself feeling alone and confused. Not only can your friends and family help allivaite feeling of loneliness, they can offer advice and perspective from and outsiders point of view. This can prove to be invaluable as often people struggling with divorce are not thinking clearly.

Your support network will be there to help you through those rough times and prevent you from making rash and poor decisions that are rooted in panic and emotions rather than logic. It can be hard to take their advice at face value but try to listen and see it from their perspective, often they will have valuable advice for you if you are willing to listen.


Redefine Yourself

Divorce means you are no longer part of a couple. This can be either be relieving or terrifying. It can really help to look at this as a chance to explore yourself and help you get over leftover feelings after your divorce. You may find you come out of it as a fuller and better person. Take a moment to see this as an opportunity to pursue things you may not have had the option to you when you were married. This can extend outside of sex, where most people’s minds tend to go. Pursue that new hobby, job, or lifestyle that may not have seemed realistic in your previous relationship.

Minimize the Impact on Your Children

This is beyond important. No matter what you may be going through understand this situation often leave kids conflicted and confused. You don’t want to pressure them into taking sides or expose them to arguments or situations that are unnecessary. These experiences tend to stay for life and can lead to issues further down the line in their life.

Don’t inject your kids into the middle of your divorce or lean on them for support, as more than likely your kids need that support more so than you do.

Divorce is hard and there is really no way to eliminate all the pain and difficulties associated with it. If you follow these few tips though you can be sure you’ll minimize the effects and come out the other side as a happier, fuller person.


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