Do Matchmaking Services Really Work?

With everyone today living busier and more full lives it can be hard to find a moment to pursue finding a significant other. Where online dating was considered to be something nobody did before, it’s now at its peak. It seems everyone and their mother are online dating these days. People are starting to realize the benefits it offers, but does it really work? As always with these things, the answer varies.

Online dating has many advantages. Firstly you can do it anytime and anywhere, allowing you to surf potential dates at just about anytime. Furthermore, there are more options than if you were to go out to a bar, or something of that nature, to find people. This allows you to browse more people in less time, upping your success rate. Dating is, after all, more or less a numbers game.

This does offer its own set of problems though. Dates have become more or less disposable, with another potential match always lurking just around the corner, which is leading to people putting less and less effort into their current suitors. On top of this, more doesn’t necessarily equal better, and many of the people you are matched with may end up not responding at all or being vastly different then their profiles suggest.

Other things to consider are monetary value, it is far more time effective and therefore cost effective to search online. Time is money, and you save the most time by using a matchmaking service. On the other hand, you may end up going on more dates than you have before, thus spending more money.


Online matchmaking also offers the plus of screening your matches based on likes and lifestyles. This increases your chances of finding someone suited for you by quite a bit, where at a bar you are generally leaning mostly on physical attraction and worrying about the details later, often leading to wasted time, energy, and money.

Overall this question boils down to yourself. If you are comfortable with matchmaking, there really is nothing to lose with so many options available. You can have as little or much involvement in the process as you choose, so picking the right service will affect your experiences greatly. If you are comfortable with meeting people on a whim with little to no interaction beforehand, this will likely appeal to you.

If you on the other hand value a more traditional approach to dating you will likely find matchmaking services, not to your taste. They will come off as too impersonal and will likely throw you into situations that make you uncomfortable which is not a great way to start a relationship.

Think hard about what you value and how you tend to carry yourself when it comes to dating and the answer to this for you will likely become clear. To each their own, what works for some people may not work for you, but you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Happy fishing!


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