Do Opposites Really Attract? Here’s The Science and Truth Behind It.

I’m sure you’ve heard that opposites attract, but do they really? Sometimes opposites attract but they can also clash and crash at one point or another. Usually, people associate fun and enticing relations when it comes to two completely different people being attracted to each other. There are things you two can share a different interest in, and things you can disagree about but there are a few things that are deal breakers as they are what can create a toxic relationship between you and your partner. Frankly, toxic relationships are an absolute no, as they can be damaging emotionally, psychologically and physically.

It’s okay to like different things, and share opposing opinions with your partner on things like this…

Sharing different tastes in music and movies, as well as TV shows is okay. We can’t all like the same thing, and it’s fine if you do not get your boyfriend’s obsession with action pack filled movies about cars, or whether your boyfriend doesn’t get your obsession with rom com’s. It’s somewhat impossible to find a couple that like the same movies, music, and TV. Where would the fun be in the relationship?

Personalities are also another area where the two of you can be opposites, it’s obvious that everyone is different so this one is a given. Some might just be complete polar opposites from one another and that’s fine. This can give the two of you a chance to learn a lot about each other, and your relationship would never be a dull moment as there’s always something new to learn about your partner even if you feel like you know them like the back of your hand.

Following different career paths is a normal recurrence in many relationships as well, you two do not have to be in the same field. Unless the two of you meet at work but other than that it’s pretty self-explanatory. According to studies, most compatible couples share different careers. Don’t fuss if he doesn’t understand your rants about work.

Don’t take life too seriously, especially if the two of you disagree on things like this.

Arguing over topics like who left the toothpaste open, or who forgot to put the toilet seat down is something that you turn a blind eye to, it’s a habit and if you approach it from a friendly perspective. If you do so there’s a chance your partner or you yourself might be able to drop this old habit. Despite how annoying these habits are, in reality, you don’t realize that these are the little things you’d miss if the two of you were to separate. It’s those actions that hold memories and become memorable.

One of you who has been planning your wedding since the age of 6, and all of a sudden your partner tells you that they aren’t a believer when it comes to matrimony. The important thing here is discussing why the two of you share different opinions and maybe the two of you will be able to find common ground. If he still doesn’t want to marry, then ask yourself would you rather have him or would you rather have a ring?


Here’s where you draw you the line, and should probably call it quits…

Ladies, we know despite how much chemistry there might be, if the two of you disagree on these factors then you two should probably move on and look elsewhere for the one. These are a few factors that are an indicator of hardships in the future.

When the two of you are in the first stages of your relationship, it’s important to discuss what cheating is to the two of you, and what exactly qualifies as cheating. You’ve got to be crystal clear, about where you yourself draw the lines when it comes to infidelity. If the two of you disagree and share different points of view. It’s best to just avoid this relationship as an overall.

Another red flag, for a relationship, is when the two of you disagree in regards to whether or not the two of you want kids or not. We do understand that not all twenty years old want kids, but it’s important to know whether or not there is a chance of having any down the line. If you’re not on the same page when it comes to kids, think about whether or not this relationship is worth your time.

Lastly, the biggest red flag that is often the subject of arguments is money. If one of you prefers to live a lavish life and would like to spend money on quite a few things and the other is more of a saver. Then on paper, the two of you compliment each other and have the potential of balancing out this relationship. But if you two don’t seem to find a point of agreement, maybe it’s best to separate from this relationship, as soon as possible rather than separating once the prenup has been signed.


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