Do’s and Don’ts of a Summer Fling

Summer time, the perfect season to find romance abroad or simply in town. Summer is the official season of romance, and it’s the season that leads to Winter, also known as the cuffing season just in time for the New Year. Though the summer romances aren’t your conventional relationships, they’re summer flings. They’re the relationship where you fall quickly and break quickly, in most cases. Many Hollywood movies based their stories off of summer flings. There’s just something so enticing about a summer romance, that many of us look forward to having one when we travel abroad during that time of the year. Some of us wonder if there’s a chance that this relationship will survive past the summer season. The question is how will we make that? Not all of us want to break something we enjoy off, once the season is over.

We’ve got a list of do’s and don’ts in order to maintain your summer fling, and turn it into a lasting relationship.

Do’s: Figure Out Your Location

Figure out where you want to meet your summer fling, location is something that can make or break a relationship. In this case, location helps the two of you figure out if you’re willing to try out a relationship. We know that the idea of finding romance somewhere on a greek island or in Italy, is appealing due to its fairytale-like scenario but if you were to find a summer romance in your city, it would most likely transition into a serious relationship.

Don’t: Take Things To Seriously

Don’t take summer flings too seriously, they’re meant to be carefree, exciting and spontaneous. After all, this relationship is spontaneous majority of the time, as the two of you don’t exactly know each other. These filings are about having fun, and just doing what the two of you want. Summer flings encourage you to get out of your comfort season, and you can become someone you’re not. If you take it too seriously, it might fizzle things out.

Do’s: Be Realistic

All summer flings have a shelf life that’s bound to expire at one point or another unless the two of you decide to continue this fling through the following seasons. Try not to plan ahead, things like what the two of you will be doing ahead because these type of relationships might not always work out. If you’re not into short flings then maybe this might not be for you.


Don’t: Avoid Communication and Discussions That Regard

If you feel as though this is something that can be salvaged once summer is over, don’t be afraid to talk to your partner, and discuss what happens after summer’s long gone. Communication and honesty is key, even if this might not be a typical relationship. If you talk to them, they might see it at as you being serious about what the two of you share. Make sure to establish what the two of you want from this relationship, and whether or not the two of you see something going beyond the summer.

What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to a summer fling? Share your thoughts on this article!


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