Going Out vs. Staying In

Date’s are crucial to relationships, they’re a moment when the two of you spend some time together to create intimacy and quality time, that sometimes you don’t realize may have been needed. It’s often hard to plan a date especially when you’ve been out of the dating ring for quite a while. Couples tend to fall into patterns, and once they get comfortable with each other; the preparations of a date somewhat disappear.

There’s a common misconception when it comes to what a relationship should consist of, many assume that a relationship should be filled with dates and activities on the weekly, but in reality, you can have some time to yourselves in the confines of your home. Having a date night doesn’t require going out, in fact, it’s perfectly fine staying in and having a romantic night to yourselves without getting all dolled up and ready to the hit town.

Having a date night at home has its pros. In fact, many of them will appeal to the both of you. Staying in gives you a lot more intimacy than if you were to go out and have a date in a public environment. Staying in will also allow you to dress down, and not worry about what you wear and what you look like it’s just the two of you, and no one else. Staying home also allows you two to get comfortable, and have comfort food. The food you’ll be having will be what you two like and know, and you won’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out what to order and whether you’ll like it or not. Staying in also allows you to show unlimited amounts of PDA, though it won’t be PDA because you’re in public; it’ll simply be displaying affection. Lastly, the best perk of staying in is that you’ll be saving money even if the two stay in, whether the two of you order in or follow a recipe for a dinner for two.


If the two of you decide to head out, there’s also a few perks that come with hitting the town. You get a chance to experience something new, and something neither of you have ever done. Going out also gives a chance for the two of you get all dolled up, and dress a bit out of your comfort. Having a date out in public is an excuse to go over the top with our appearance. Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that every now we like to get dressed up and do something different than our usual casual attire. Going on a date outside of the confines of your home is a good option when you’re considering indulging in some food and spending a bit more money than you would at home. Dates that are conducted out in public is also a great way to spice up your intimate love life as the two of you can be enticing, and build up the pent up tension before releasing it at home.

Either way, whether you choose to stay in or go out with your significant other, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. One that will leave the two of you feeling much closer and bonded than before; all in all we suggesting having a mix of both. Stay in and every now and then go out, a change of scenery can set the tone of your date.

Let us know which you prefer! Are you into going out and hitting the town, or are you into staying in? 


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