How to Deal with Difficult In-Laws

My in-laws drop by our house out of the blue and remain for extended visits. They offer undesirable guidance about everything from bosom pumps to hemorrhoids and speak of me in a poor light to my partner and other family members.

Could you identify with these statements? Assuming this is the case, what’s the best way to react when the in-laws say or do something you don’t care for? Do you actually gossip about them with your partner, parents, siblings, and friends? Do you hold a grudge of spite against them? Do you request that your mate advises his or her folks to bounce off a bluff?

As opposed to taking these tactics, why not take the issue to the source and speak with them directly? Instead of holding hard feelings against them, you should actively work to solve the issue and prevent further problems. As opposed to insisting that your life partner handles the problem, why not win their regard by handling the issue yourself and in a respectful manner?


The best way to deal with any problem is to go head on at the issue. Take a moment to discuss how certain actions are affecting you. Politely and calmly state how these things make you feel and try to find a way to rectify the issue and prevent further confrontation.

It’s normally not important to have a major showdown, such as a heated argument. Such actions usually just lead to further confrontation and distance between you and your in-laws. Simply be forward when an issue arises but be sure to set limits to prevent you from losing your cool. The idea is to patch up the relationship. After all, you have chosen there son/daughter as a partner for life, meaning you choose his family as well.

If you take the time to try and patch up the relationship and also prevent further confrontation it will lead to an easier life for everyone in the future, and you can be sure your significant other will be happy with the result and the steps you took to achieve it, adding up to a happy marriage for you and your spouse.


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