How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

There isn’t a soul out there that would say long distance relationships are easy. In fact, the opposite is generally what you are going to hear (as if you didn’t know this already).

Relationships are full of ups, downs, and issues on their own. Adding distance only adds to this and makes everything miles (no pun intended) more difficult. We got you on this one though, here are some really good things you can do to keep your long distance love affair happy, healthy, and together.

Persuing Normality Wherever Possible

The main thing holding you back is the major relationship differences that are thrown your way by having your partner always at a distance. The best way to ease this is to do things the way a normal local couple would wherever you can. Obviously, the main issue is you can’t see each other every day, but in the age of technology, we certainly have some ways to mitigate this problem. Skype is a valuable resource here, as you can simulate being in the same room, but a plain old phone call can do a lot for your relationship as well. Things like texting every day are also normal in any relationship and something you can easily achieve even at a distance.

Visit as Often as Possible

This is a no-brainer, but absolutely essential. You need to take every opportunity to see each other as possible. The lack of a physical relationship is a huge issue for long distance couples, so you need to inject this aspect whenever you can. The costs can be high depending on just how far away you are but this truly is the most necessary step to keeping your relationship together and moving forward.


Get to Know Eachother

Another thing that’s essential to every relationship but tougher to implement over a distance. Couples generally explore each other’s interests by doing things together. Unfortunately, you don’t really have this opportunity enough to truly pursue doing it this way, although you should wherever possible.

A good workaround is to get to know their interests through conversation then pursuing them on your own. For instance, if your significant other loves a certain movie, take the time to watch it by yourself so you can become better acquainted with their tastes.

Managing Expectations

Crucial. You both need to be aware of and prepared for the potential hurdles you face with your situation. If you can’t both agree that these are worthwhile sacrifices, your relationship is already starting off bad. Make sure to have a talk with your partner before getting in too deep. If they are in agreeance you will have a much better chance of having things go smoothly. If not, it’s better to get it out of the way now then face a potentially brutal breakup later on down the road.

Long distance relationships can be difficult for both parties, but being aware of these hurdles and challenging them head on will help you secure a happy relationship and up your chances of having your arrangement work out in the long run. Always keep in mind how you may rectify the distance in the future, as a long distance relationship at any level cannot last forever. Eventually, the one or both of you will have to relocate in order to pursue a happy and full relationship.


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