How Your Relationship Changes After Marriage

Before marriage, we try to be nice to each other and are scared at the thought of getting separated. We try to say that magical word every minute just to ensure she/he knows how much we love them. Is it true that after marriage we tend to take it casually and life becomes boring?

No. It’s just that when you are in love, you tend to gravitate toward everything that your girl or guy likes, and you share interests to impress them more than anything.

Once married, we tend to settle down and slowly adjust to the new lifestyle that we face. We want to make our significant other more comfortable with us and fulfill our responsibilities. In fulfilling this, we often forget to acknowledge each other as they were before, and some time later, we start to think that our lives are not the same as when we started the relationship. In our heart, we still love them as before, often more so. But usually, we don’t see this and begin to fight over petty issues like sharing similar interests, watching TV, friends, and more.


While we share the same house and same TV round the clock, instead of those few hours where we dive into each other, we often forget or don’t pay attention to other things of importance. Once married normally we become comfortable and slowly realize and understand our real tastes and interests.

Often this is not a huge issue, when your guy watches cricket or discovery, just sit with him and share his excitement, and when he watches a football game and passes an opinion, just listen to him, although it may not be something you really want to hear. Whether it is a man or woman, we just need an ear to share our thoughts.

We don’t need to share every interest and hobby, but trying to love what he loves and taking interest in what he says, will help bring the two of you closer. It is really not that bad to watch football and learn the game from him, which in turn will excite him that you are showing an interest. You will find a special friend in each other and soon you want to share every moment with together, forging a long lasting relationship.


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