How You’re Killing Your Marriage

Marriage should ideally be the happiest phase in any couple’s lives. A marriage is all about sharing and caring for each other, helping each other to grow as a person and forming a deep bond of lifelong friendship and companionship. But in current times, the majority of the marriages are either ending in divorces or mutual separation. There are a lot of “unhappy campers” out there!

Discussed below are the three common mistakes committed by couples that end marriages.

Long Periods of Absence

They say distance can make the heart grow fonder. That may be true when your spouse has to go out of town for short periods of time probably for business purposes or field duty. But when you are away from your spouse for a very long period, it starts to spell trouble for your marriage.

There are a few couples who can make a long distance relationship work successfully, but the average couple soon starts to feel the strain of absence after a few months.

When you two live in two different cities far flung from each other because of your respective careers and have to drive for 12 hours or take a 3 hour flight just to be together in the weekends, not only can it drain your finances, it usually results in a lot of fights, finger pointing, and accusations that harm the health of your marriage.

Long periods of absence kills romance, makes you prone to infidelity and ultimately results in a relationship breakdown.


Constant Nagging and Criticism

It is very difficult to handle a constantly nagging spouse who criticizes you without rhyme and reason every single day of your life. Everybody is prone to mistakes and as a loving partner; you need to correct your spouse in the gentlest possible manner, without hurting him/her.

Sadly, most people take the easy way out by venting their anger and disappointment on their spouses through criticism, nagging, shouting and screaming. Soon this descends into name calling and verbal abuse and pushes away your spouse emotionally. With time this rift becomes an unbridgeable gaping hole.

Money Matters

This is probably the number one issue that results in dissolution of a marriage. Keeping money secrets, not saving enough or being extremely miserly, forcing traditional roles, obsession with material riches, trying to alter your partner’s spending ways, combining finances before either of you are ready to take the plunge, foregoing everything to maintain your social status and keep up with your rich neighbors and relatives are some common money mistakes that cause couples to drift apart with time.

Take the time to speak with your partner about these issues and any others that are created strife between you and your partner. So much can be worked out by just sitting quietly with the idea of understanding how the other person feels about the issues that are important to both of you.


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