Relieving Your Fear of Marriage

Many people are scared about marriage. These are usually those who are afraid of commitment. This is perhaps because of the increasing rate of teenage marriages and not to mention the increasing number of couples getting divorced.

Marriage is more than the tingling feeling that you feel when you are with that person. It’s more than just emotions so to speak. When you get married, you must understand the responsibility that comes along with it plus the commitment involved with vowing to spend the rest of your life with one person. Many people think that marriage is a trial and error relationship which can be ended easily by going to the court and filing for divorce when things don’t work out. Of course, this is not right. You need to know that even romantic relationships such as marriages need to be worked on.


Before you tie the knot, it would be best if you thought hard and asked yourself the following questions:

  • Are you willing to give up yourself for the life of the person you love?
  • Are you willing to give your 101 percent love, trust, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, and forgiveness every time your partner commits a mistake?
  • Can you give up your happiness for the sake of your partner’s? Are you willing to sacrifice your work should your partner ask you to stop working so that you can stay at home and take care of your kids? Are you willing to be relocated and be away from your family and friends should he be reassigned to another place?

Anyone can get married whenever they want regardless of how old they are. Love can’t be measured by age alone. However, the majority of those getting a divorce are from the teenage marriage bracket. Why is this so? Marriage is not just about love and bliss. It is about maturity both emotional and mental. Get to know the person well before you decide to tie the knot.

Although some couples who have known each other for a week and gotten married have remained together for a lifetime, it may be because both were ready for the commitment they gave each other at the time they got married. They were both ready to accept each other for all of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If you think you have found the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, then go ahead and get married.

A celebration of love – this is what a wedding is. It is a grand celebration that you share with your loved ones. If you want to have a perfect wedding, hire a wedding coordinator. This way, you are guaranteed that you can get the wedding of your dreams without the stress the comes with planning.


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