Is PDA Okay?

This is another loaded and common question. The answer is generally, “it depends”. Public displays of affection can make your partner swoon, and onlookers gag. Whether or not your PDA is acceptable to the norm comes down to some key factors. Location, action, and timing.

For example, you’re at a party and all your friends are having a good time, packed into a room and laughing it up. You lean over and give your significant other a kiss. Acceptable? Totally.

If we take the same situation, but this time you and your partner lean up against a wall and start making out. Acceptable? Never. Nobody wants to see that and it you should be being considerate to the people around you. Not only this but it looks extremely trashy.

There is nothing worse than walking into a room and feeling like you shouldn’t be there and this is exactly the message that intense forms of PDA sends. You should be alone, and people want to leave you alone, but you’ve put them in a situation where they cannot.

One of the safest forms of PDA you can engage in is holding hands. This is acceptable in pretty much every situation, and will still show your partner that they are the most improtant person in the crowd. People aren’t going to exchange discusted looks over a little hand holding, but they will over a full fledge grind fest in the middle of dinner.


If you absloutly cannot resist, take it somewhere private. There is no reason to show this to everyone, they know you are together and they don’t need a full on display to verify it. Futhermore, your partner is likely feeling pretty awkward about the situation as well. It’s embarassing for the both of you, even if you aren’t feeling the emabrassment yourself.

The term get a room was born of these situations and has subsisted through generations as the intense forms of PDA remain an issue. We have to assume everyone generally knows what they are doing is wrong, but just do not care. This adds insult to injury really, sending a message that the onlookers are not important, all while the struggle to keep there lunch down.


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