Marriage After Kids

Marriage relationships thrive on the closeness and connection that the partners have with each other. Naturally, relationship communication is critical for love and marriage. Once a couple is blessed with children, the couple’s time together tends to be overtaken by the needs and activities of the children. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is commendable; however, marriage relationships simply must have time outside of the family to thrive and grow.

Control the Stress

Although everyone loves and adores their children, kids do tend to create a lot of stress in marriage relationships. They don’t mean to do so, but they do. With proper relationship communication, you can alleviate a lot of the stress that is caused by raising kids.

A common front is essential to reduce stress when kids are involved. When both partners are a team, the children will become well aware that playing one parent against the other is futile. Simply by talking to each other about how to handle certain situations regarding the children can significantly improve marriage relationships, and decrease the stress experienced in love and marriage.


Raising kids can wear a person out. When there is a stay-at-home parent, they become tired even quicker than a person working two jobs. Children require constant care and supervision and raising them is a never-ending job. Parents are on call twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Sometimes, parents just need some time to relax and rekindle their love and marriage away from the distractions of the children.

A weekend at the grandparent’s house would be a fun thing for the kids, and it would allow you and your spouse some time alone together. You can take this time to work on your relationship communication as well as enjoy yourselves in the bedroom without being interrupted. This rest, relaxation and rejuvenation time can help to improve marriage relationship.


Don’t Ditch Your Date

Way back when before you got married and had children, the two of you enjoyed time together going out on dates. Once children enter into the picture, dates tend to fall off to the wayside and are replaced by ballet classes and recitals or sporting practices and games. A beneficial relationship help is that you simply must find the time to go on a weekly date with your spouse to maintain your marriage relationship and keep the lines of relationship communication open.

You don’t need to plan an expensive evening out for your time together to be considered a date. Meeting for lunch is a great way to break up a work day and still get some quality time with your spouse. You can even plan errands for a Saturday morning and have a sitter watch the kids. This way you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast together and handle all of the runnings around that needs to be done. Your relationship communications skills will be sharpened once you manage to find a way to spend time with your spouse.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Many people feel that love and marriage milestones are no longer important once children are born. Sure, everybody is busy, but there are times that it is essential to marriage relationship for the couple to be away from the kids. Special days such as your wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day can be celebrated without the children. Sometimes, these special occasions are ten times more meaningful when you can spend them alone with the person with whom you are in love.


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