Normal Fights That Every Couple Has

If fighting weren’t a part of relationships, then they’d be too easy and we all know that relationships aren’t easy. If anything they’re a roller coaster of emotions, and something that takes the time to sprout into something beautiful. Relationships are like a child, they take the time to grow and they take the time to mature. There are phases when it comes to a relationship, each stage is a stage that only builds your relationship stronger. As the two of you conquer those phases, there will be bumps in the road and those bumps will be fights. It’s normal to fight, it’s a part of any relationship, and it’s okay to disagree. We share different opinions and thoughts, but the beauty of a relationship is bringing those two unique mindsets together. It’s important to learn how to deal with fights, problems, and moments where someone disagrees with you if you run from your problems it’ll indefinitely lead to your relationship falling apart.

Surprisingly, it’s not just you and your partner who go through these fights. Many out there experience the same thing as you do, and surprisingly go through the exact same fights. Here’s a list of fights we’ve heard couples experience countless of times.

Ex Fight

Ex’s are the past, but no one’s ever said the past doesn’t haunt you. The topic of exes sometimes surfaces in relationships, and it’s definitely a sore subject that can spur a fight between the two of you. There’s nothing to worry about as it’s completely normal for your partner or you yourself to get irritated and annoyed with your partner’s ex. It’s a normal response because let’s be real no one likes to think about your partner’s ex who they may or may not have loved.

The Jealousy Fight

Jealousy is like the spark to a flame, it indefinitely fuels fights. Insecurities often surface every now and then, especially if you’ve been having a bad day. Unless you’re a woman or man without insecurities, these types of fights are inevitable. Feeling possessive of your significant others is a natural instinct, we like to protect what’s ours even if it requires a bit of bickering every now and then. Point is, it’s normal to feel jealous but it’s important to talk about it with your partner and explain what’s bothering you.


Future Fight

The fight regarding the future is a fight that often arises especially if the two of you have been in a relationship for quite a while. This fight can also happen if the two of you rarely talk about what’s ahead, and what the two of you are expecting from the future. This can also be from the perspective of having planned too much, and too far ahead of time and it can all be simply too much. It’s a factor that can freak your partner out if you’ve got the names of your kids all planned out already.

Family Fight

Ever watch a movie and see two families of a couple fighting with one another? This is actually a common fight between couples. It happens more often than you think, and it’s normal! That’s what we’re trying to say. Your family is different from his, and there is a chance that they might not agree on everything. They also might annoy you, and you yourself might disagree with them but that’s part of a relationship. You’re not only building one with your significant other but you’re also building a relationship with his family.

The Fight about Spending Time Together

Sometimes these type of fights are about spending too much time together, or not enough. Nonetheless, they happen, and it’s okay to feel as though you’re not spending enough time with your partner, or that you’re spending too much and you feel somewhat smothered. Talk to your partner, tell them that you feel as though you don’t spend enough time together and that you miss them or let them know that’s good to have a bit space between the two of you, as the two of you are still individuals.


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