Proposal Ideas

It’s easy to write off proposing as the man’s job, but in this day and age this brings up a few issues. Firstly, we have moved away from traditional couples which leads us to have some situations where there is no man involved at all, or two men for that matter. Another issue is waiting, some women are just sick of it and are ready to tie the knot, in this situation it’s sometimes best to take matters into their own hands and pop the question to their man instead.

Whatever your situation may be, it’s good to keep in mind that your proposal should be as memorable as the wedding your looking to have. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started in making yours special.

Location, Location, Location

Just like real estate, where you are makes a world of a difference. We found the best option for your proposal location is almost always the location of one of your firsts. This could be your first date, first kiss, where you first met, etc.


Timing is everything, proposing to your significant other during the evening news isn’t going to make a lasting impression. Holidays are a great time to propose, especially at a nice gathering of family for Christmas or something of that nature. This not only adds more joy to an already joyous occasion but also allows your friends and/or family to get it on the action.



You have to make it pretty, no question. If your doing your proposal during a holiday like we suggested above, a great idea is to disguise your ring as a standard gift. Add some tasteful wrapping paper and a bow to make things extra special. I’ve seen one proposal where they actually had their significant other unwrap and empty box when they looked at their lover in confusion, they found him on his knees with a ring in hand. The surprise and joy was written all over her face.

Cute Notes

Add to the fun by infusing some cute and heartfelt messages into your proposal. Some choose to do this in a scavenger like fashion, having their lover end up in front of them with a ring ready to go. One of the craziest ones I’ve seen was a couple who did this on the popular game Minecraft. The husband had built her a castle in the game, and inside was a heartfelt message and “will you marry me?” written on the walls of the throne room. When she turned around in her computer chair and rushed to the office to greet him, he was already on one knee.

Whatever you choose to do, the most memorable proposals are always rooted in mutual interests, relationship milestones, and heartfelt gestures. All the things to make a heart melt. Good luck!


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