Pros and Cons of Dating Someone Younger Than You

Just got out of a nasty relationship, or you were just getting bored with it? Why not try dating someone younger than you. The topic despite where we are today is still considered to be taboo. A woman dating a younger man, people are going to be shouting “Cougar!” left and right. You never know though, you might just click with the younger potential partner, and only figure it out later, that he may or may not be more than a few years younger than you.

There are many Pro’s of dating a young man, and we’re sure there will be a few that will spark an interest in you!

Pro’s: Less Baggage than Your Regular Old Man

Here’s a big pro when it comes to dating a younger man. They just don’t seem to have as much baggage as someone older. They haven’t gone through an array of women, and overall just don’t seem to be worn out. Baggage is never fun when it comes to starting a new relationship because old baggage from previous relationships always seems to creep up into a new relationship. You should be aware though, less baggage generally means less relationship experience and skills, so don’t be too surprised if you run into a few bumps.
Pro’s: A Better and More Active Sex Life
Men reach the height of their sexual activeness in their twenties, and it’s without a doubt they are no longer the same once they get into their 30’s and 40’s. Men in their twenties have a heightened level of testosterone, and women typically reach their prime in their 30’s and 40’s. So the two of you will be sure to have a sensual and erotic experience. Another bonus that comes with dating a young and pursuing them, is that they’re always willing to try new things.


Pro’s: He’s a Whole Lot More Fun to Date

We’re not saying that older men are a flat out bore, but you can expect more spontaneous events and dates from a younger man. Young guys are just as spontaneous and adventurous outside the bedroom as they are in it, you can rest assured that you’ll be trying just as many new things outside the confines of your bedroom. Younger men will help come up with new ideas for dates, to bring back the romance and youth in the relationship.

And unfortunately, we’ve got to mention the Con’s ladies. We’re not gonna paint a pretty picture without the bad, but don’t over think things. This is just a little guide to show you what to expect from dating a younger man or woman. Again, these might not even apply to them, because not everyone is the same. Give it a try, that’s why we’re here. Unlike others who might judge, we’re here to encourage.

Con’s: Time is Ticking Away on Your Biological Clock

We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but your biological clock is ticking away day by day but his might not have even started. It is known that women’s prime years for conceiving a baby are in their 20’s and early 30’s; as for men they usually aren’t anywhere near ready to have children in their 20’s. They inhabit the family trait only once they’ve become established and financially stable.

Con’s: Different Pace In Life – You Two Just Share a Different Perspective In Life

This is a given, the two of you share two different lives that run at different paces. He’s still young and has a group of friends he likes to hang out on the regular with. Don’t be too surprised if he chooses to head out for a night out in town with the boys, partying it up till early morning over you. Their group of friends and their social life play a key role in their identity at that age.

Con’s: There’s a Chance You Might Fall Into The Mommy Role

Being the older of the two, at times there will be moments where you will be in control despite whether you want to or not. Younger men tend to be less mature than you, and will often rely on you. Furthermore being older, you might be higher up on your career level, then he is and that itself can de-masculinize a man.


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