Reasons Why You’re Single

Trapped in a world of couples and wondering why you’re still going solo? Don’t worry, you’re not unlovable, more likely you are just independent, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

If you find yourself struggling to figure out why exactly you aren’t out looking for love, here’s a few key things that usually factor into this life choice.

You Are Busy

Quite often the excuse but rarely in underlying issue. Regardless, in some cases, people are truly too busy for dating. While the online dating craze has helped to ease this, it hasn’t erased it all together.

If you are super busy with work or family stuff, it’s only natural that your love life gets pushed to the side. Not pursuing a relationship when you don’t have time for it is quite honestly a very responsible thing to do, it’s kind of like getting a dog when you can’t afford it. Everyone suffers in the end.

Give it some time, once your life calms down a little you can start hopping back into the dating game.

You Are Independent

You value alone time and independence, so much so that you aren’t willing to give it up for some guy. While this can be totally healthy, it can also be an excuse. Ask yourself if you really value your independence that much or you are just scared to let someone share in your life. Both are natural feelings, but narrowing it down could help you make the push towards the dating game.

You’re Still Figuring it All Out

You’re in flux. You’re either busy with school or simply don’t know who you are yet. Not looking for a mate in the situations is admirable, as we are often most vulnerable when feeling this way.

In order to figure yourself out, you need to be alone, this is pretty much fact. Having someone else in the equation will only lead you off your chosen path or muddle your thoughts further. Don’t sweat it! Get yourself together first, there is plenty of time for love in the future.


You’re Hung Up on Your Ex

The worst reason to be single but possibly the most common. You haven’t got over your last big breakup, or perhaps you have but have built up walls so high over it that no man can scale them. This is a tough situation, you will be reluctant to let anyone else in but that’s more than likely what you really need.

Don’t fret too much, focus on getting yourself together and trust in the fact that sometime soon there will be a man who will crash through those walls where so many had only attempted to scale them.

You Haven’t Learned to Love Yourself

It’s a cliche saying, but you really can’t love another till you love yourself. Learning to love yourself can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do, as there is really no sure fire way to accomplish this. The best course of action is to pursue what makes you happy and focus on becoming the person you want to be, as opposed to a person other people want to see. True fulfillment comes from within, and no man can give you that.

So if you’re still single, don’t worry, so many ladies out there are. We all fall at different times and take our lives in different ways, so don’t feel like you’re missing out or not worthy because you’re still going it solo. Your prince charming is just around the corner and in your case, you’ll be ready for him when he comes.


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