8 Signs You Might Be Getting Cheated On

There are times when we have that gut feeling that something is happening in our relationships, something that can potentially ruin it completely, and that something is cheating. We all dread knowing whether or not our significant other is cheating on us, and in most occasions, we give them the benefit of the doubt. We try to make light of the situation and believe that they might not actually be cheating on us. The issue lies, that once it’s confirmed we try to understand how it went unnoticed, and what were the signs.

There are obvious signs all of us know, but sometimes there some that we seem to miss. Here are the signs your partner can be showing if they’re seeing someone else:

Regularly Accuse you of cheating

If your partner is regularly accusing you of cheating, and constantly hounding you with their suspicions of you being unfaithful, most likely it’s his guilt eating away at his own actions that he’s committed. Accusing you is his way of coping with the guilt that comes with cheating. This first sign is definitely a major red flag.

Paying Attention To Their Looks More

If you notice a change in the way he’s acting about his looks, there’s a chance that there’s something going on. Usually when you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while, after a certain point the two of you no longer care about how you look, as the two of you have accepted each other. But if you’re significant other suddenly spends more time in the shower, and in front of the mirror, there’s a chance there’s someone else he’s trying to impress.


Suddenly Have New Moves In Bed

It’s great when all of a sudden you’re trying new things in the bedroom. Change is good, but in some cases,  it can be a sign. If you two are casually just trying new things out, it’s fine don’t get us wrong but if your sexual routines are changing that can be a sign that he might be seeking his needs elsewhere.

Keeping Tabs On Your Schedule

Wondering every now and then where you’ll be and when you’ll be back is fine, but if he’s constantly asking you and keeping tabs on where you’ll be during the day, something is definitely up. If he’s cheating, knowing where you are and when you’ll be back is crucial information as he’s required to build his schedule with both you and his lover, in order to balance everything out.

Suddenly He Became A Critic

A sign of guilt can be when suddenly he becomes distant, mean and critical. It’s the only way he knows how to release his anger, and guilt from having cheated on you. We’re not saying don’t take it to heart, but we’re suggesting on focusing on the big picture, and that’s getting down to the fact that whether or not he’s cheating.

They’ve Done It Before – They’ll Do It Again

Ever heard of the saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”? Sometimes that saying is true, especially if it’s been done more than once before. If it’s happened to numerous times before your current relationship, it’s most likely a habit. So don’t be surprised if he’s unfaithful in this one either.

Random New Interest

You’ve been together for quite a while, and you’d think you’d know him like the back of your hand but all of a sudden he’s showing interest in things he’s never even given a chance. Chances are he’s picking up these new interests due to someone’s influence. Especially if he’s reading a few books by one author, or watching a variety of films filmed by the same director. Most likely he’s trying to educate himself, in order to impress someone.

Withdrawing Cash Frequently

Our last sign for you ladies is if he’s withdrawing a lot of cash, and its happening frequently. Men don’t want their history to show where and when he used his card if he’s cheating. It can become a dead giveaway that he’s seeing someone if he’s swiping his card up at fancy restaurants that you certainly haven’t been to. It gets a bit harder if you’ve got a shared bank account, you’ll be able to see how many times he’s withdrawn and how much exactly.


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