Summer Date Ideas That Are Completely Free

You can never go wrong with taking your partner on a date when the two of you are looking for some intimate time together. There’s a variety of places where you can take your significant other on a date, the majority of them requiring to spend a bit of money but we’ve got a list of the best top five free summer dates you and your date can enjoy. They can range from enjoying the environment, to free rock concerts that the two of you can jam out at.

Here’s our list of our favorite free dating spots:

Head Off To The Beach

Hit up a local beach, with you and your partner! Pack up some towels, blankets and a basket of fresh fruit and enjoy a warm summer day under the sun. Indulge in sun bathing under the sun with your partner, or head into the cool waters and have some fun there. You can also bring a beach volleyball, and enjoy a competitive game of volleyball between the two of you, or another couple. Beach dates are a great option for double dates.

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Massage

If the two of you are looking for a romantic but free date, why not light up a few candles at home and enjoy a massage that two of you give each other. Add a bit music into the mix, along with some dimmed lights and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. If you want to take this a step further, use some scented body oils to really spice up the night.


Take A Hike

Take your date on a rocky adventure, that will lead you to beautiful scenery, and intimate moments. If the two of your are somewhat active, this will be perfect as there’s a variety of hikes. Some can be extremely tough and require advanced skills, and others can simply feel like a walk up a hill. Don’t sweat it, the two of you will find a perfect trail for the two of you to hike through. Pack up a compact basket full of food, and do an impromptu picnic either at the finish line of your hike or in between.

Look for A Free Concert

There are plenty of free concerts to go to, no matter the city you live in. Look up what is being held when, and spend a day out partying it up at a concert whether it’s rock, alternative or hip-hop. There’s an endless amount of concerts that you and your date can head, and you’ve got a variety of choices when it comes to choosing which type of genre you two are interested in listening to. This is also a great date to bring a basket of fruits, and foods and have an improvised picnic at the live concert.

Check Out The Local Galleries

Local galleries are often free of charge, as many of them hold local artists who are simply looking to gain recognition. Head up to those very same galleries, and enjoy an intimate and quiet date with your significant other, for free. Some galleries also offer drinks and snacks at certain hours of the day, for people to enjoy as they wander around the gallery.


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