The Difference Between a Healthy and Toxic Relationship

When we see friends in a toxic relationship it is usually very obvious to us. However, when we find ourselves in the middle of one ourselves, it’s not so cut and dry. This generally comes down to the fact that nobody really knows what to people are like when they are alone together, and this adds up to the bulk of the relationship.

So what can we do to recognize that we ourselves are in a relationship that is toxic? Recognizing the differences between the two is your best defense against getting stuck in one. Here are some key areas you can look at to see if you are truly in a toxic relationship, or your friends are actually going on about nothing.


How You Handle Mistakes

If you’re in a healthy relationship you’ll handle this respectfully. This means you’ll likely apologize for making the mistake and take the necessary steps to avoid it happening again. In a toxic relationship, you likely aren’t dropping many sorry’s, and after the fact, you’ll find yourself repeating the same mistakes again. This is a tell-all sign that you don’t truly care about resolving the issue, meaning you likely don’t care much for your relationship altogether.

What You Notice In You Partner

In a healthy relationship, most of your interactions revolve around the positives your partner brings into your life. If you are in a toxic on, you’re likely focused on what shirt he’s wearing. The negative aspects have become the forefront which shows they have become the emphasis and are generally outweighing whatever positives there may be if any.

How Dependable You Are

In a good positive relationship, you are dedicated to making good on your promises. If you or your partner are not reliable to each other, there are underlying issues here. This is probably the biggest thing you can find in a toxic relationship. If you don’t care to make good on your word, then it’s obvious you don’t care in general.

Alone Time

If you and your partner are glued together, this is toxic. People need alone time and time spent with friends without the partner. This is a basic human need. If you two are always together this can seem like a good sign, but more often than not you’re headed down a dangerous road.

Sharing Your Emotions

If you feel you can’t share your legitimate feelings on things with your partner you are in a toxic relationship, no questions about it. If you can’t share your inner feelings with your partner, who can you? This is an essential aspect of any worthwhile relationship and should be held at the utmost of importance.

If you find yourself in some of these situations, or all of them, it may be time to take a good hard look at your relationship. Toxic relationships can be hard to get out of, but the rewards are well worth it. Good luck!



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