The Emoji’s You Should Stop Using on Dating Apps

Dating apps are a great place to find a significant other, especially when it’s easier to use then to try and approach people in person. Those who barely ever have time on their hands, resort to dating apps as a place to mingle and meet new singles. Most dating apps are converted to track your location and suggest you people are actually near you, and not across seas. Everything seems perfect on paper, but sometimes things don’t run as planned. Especially when the conversation is awkward and dull via the instant messaging these apps provide, and the emoji’s you might be sending back and forth may affect the conversation.

There are a couple of emoji’s that shouldn’t be used on dating apps when starting a conversation with someone. Just like there are a few that can work in your favor when meeting new singles. The good news here is that people will always be charmed by the heart eyes emoji, and the true crowd-pleasers are the see no evil and side smirk emoji. The classic tongue out emoji is still a favorite, and most likely always will be as they were popular back in the MSN days as well.

The emoji’s that we suggest steering clear of when starting up a conversation are the flexed biceps, as in reality it’s a carbon copy for a shirtless mirror selfie that you’d typically see on Instagram. Another emoji that isn’t the biggest with women is the eggplant, specifically due to its phallic appearance and the intention behind the use of it. Research shows that the eggplant is often used when looking for a more physical and sexual based relationship.


Men showed that they didn’t really appreciate the use of the ring, specifically because it’s an engagement ring and that’s definitely something that can turn off a man. The poop emoji was also not a crowd favorite, simply because it’s a pile of poo. It’s not exactly alluring or something people would want to see when picking up a conversation. And lastly, the crying emoji just seems to give off the vibe that the other is overly emotional.

Nonetheless, you never know who’s into what, there’s always going to be a different reaction from the use of any emoji. Some may like the upfront ring, and others may absolutely love the eggplant or banana, they might just find sexually driven humor, funny. Some woman prefers to be approached with emoji’s that aren’t exactly used much such as the sweat droplets, tongue, smiling devil and the sun faces. Women will likely reply to those, while men prefer a bolder approach with the use of hearts, and kiss lips, as well as the upside down face, and crazy face. What we’re trying to say here, is take this article with a grain of salt. You don’t know what everyone likes, and maybe someone might like you for your emotional personality.


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