The Perfect Ring for Your Zodiac Sign

It seems silly, but picking out the right ring is important. Not only should your ring be beautiful but it should also represent you as a person. A great way to do this is to pick out your ring in correspondence with your zodiac sign, as these tend to represent you as a person as well. Here are our top picks for rings based on just that.


As an Aries, confidence is your defining factor. You are bold in everything you do and are likely extremely active because of it. This leads you to need a ring that’s comfortable, not oversized, and simple yet eye-catching in design. Bold colors will compliment this, so we suggest going with a red. Diamonds are as bold as it comes as well, so they are a great choice.


For Taurus, the ring is everything to you. You want what you want and often aren’t willing to settle for less. You’ll favor high-quality pieces that are easy to show off and make a statement. Pastel pinks and complex designs area all you.


You’re indecisive so it’s hard to pin down one style. You’re also playful, so you want something that catches the eye and is unexpected. A nice touch of gold will compliment this perfectly.


You love the classics and likely pearls as well. We here at Love and Pearls are obviously with you. A ring sporting one of these beauties with a shiny white or classic silver will be the best option for you.


Loud and proud, you know how to make a big statement. Warm colors like gold and yellow are going to be what draws you in the most. More importantly, it’ll draw the eyes of the people around you.


Attention to detail is your biggest trait, so you’re going to want a ring with a lot of this. You’ll love a delicate and intricate piece that’s also practical.


Blue is you. For your ring, you are going to want a nice navy or royal blue accent to it. Sapphires are going to hit this niche nicely. Diamonds and stones set in a braided band are most likely going to vibe the most with you.



Scorpio’s are intense people. You’ll tend to favor dark colors like black. Rubies are going to go well with this and help add some style to your band. This paired with blacks and dark silvers are going to show off your edgy side.


Sagittarius’s are defined by their adventurous nature. Your power color is going to be purple, and you’ll likely be taken aback by how quickly you’ll fall in love with just about anything sporting this color. Simple and size and shape will compliment this nicely.


Sophistication is you. You’ll want fine craftsmanship and a traditional look more than anything. You’ll be most drawn to diamond adorned rings for this reason


Turquoise is the color for you, you’re likely wearing it every day already. Turquoise isn’t usually seen on an engagement ring but you won’t care even a little. You dress for you, so a ring that states that is a perfect fit.


You want a ring that you and onlookers will get lost in. Since your sign’s symbol is the fish, you’ll want a color to reflect this, and a sea green is exactly that. A ring that sports this color will compliment you well and have your mind racing back to the ocean every time you look at it.

No matter what your symbol is you’ll want a ring that is beautiful and reflects you. Keep these tips in mind when choosing but don’t feel stuck in design. At the end of the day, it’s what you like best and what you think represents your style.


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