The Top Five Double Date Ideas

Sometimes going on a regular date with your partner can get a bit repetitive and a tad boring. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with spending a bit of quality time with your loved one but sometimes you just need something to lighten and spice up your regular date nights. Here’s our advice to you, go on a double date with a close couple who you’re actually friends with; this will definitely help liven up your regular one on one dates. Having two other people with you gives the two of you more room to discuss, and converse between one another and there will never be a point in the date where it quiet downs. It allows the two of you to find new topics to talk about¬†and enjoy each other’s present. As well, you don’t have to think too hard about where to go, because at the end of the day your surroundings won’t matter as all four of you would be engulfed in your own social bubble. We know you all can just head up to a local pub, or restaurant, or even catch a movie but we thought we’d give you a few fun options that will definitely make your date that much more fun!

Take a Trip to The Amusement Park

Amusement Parks are a great place to let loose and have fun! Not to mention it’s a great way to bond not only with your partner but the other couple as the four of you are exploring the park together and enjoying the thrilling and adrenaline rushed rides. There’s plenty to talk and gush about, especially if you four will be recalling the crazy experience when riding the scariest coaster in the park. Have a little fun, and let the child within you come out when you four head to the theme park!

Outdoor Concert

Trying to save a bit of money,? Look up for some free outdoor concerts in town! Just remember that you go on a good day; you wouldn’t want it chucking down on you and your double dates. All you’ve got to add to make it a fun and exciting date is pack up a bag of food and grab a nice blanket and have a nice picnic for the four of you. You’ll be sure to have a good time with your partner and the other couple while listening to live music and munching on your favorite foods.



Singing might not be your forte? Don’t sweat it, this isn’t The Voice or America’s Got Talent. Karaoke’s are a great place to have a double date because it will be filled with laughter, fun, and jokes! Who knows, there might even be some hidden talent that might get discovered that night. Karaoke night is also a great chance for the two couples to sing duets, and reenact their favorite scenes from musicals like Highschool Musical, Beauty and the Beast or even Grease.


Going bowling just the two of you isn’t any fun as there are only two of you and it’ll always be either one of you who’s turn is next. Ask another couple to join you guys for bowling night, and enjoy a competitive night between the four of you. Who knows you might even form a bowling league if this becomes a regular recurrence.

Trivia/Board Game Night

Whether you like to admit it or not, we’ve all got a competitive side to us. Trivia or Board Game Night is a great opportunity for the four of you to let that side shine, whether you’re playing girls against boys, or couples vs couples. This date will be filled with conversations, chuckles, and humor and ultimately losers and winners.


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