The Truth Behind What it Means Being Aromantic

“I’m just not that into you… Or relationships for that matter.

Nowadays relationships have found a new meaning, not only are their sexual orientations, but people are finding themselves through romantic orientations that can, therefore, redefine the basis of their relationships and the meaning behind them. Not all of us are the same, nor are we looking for the same things when it comes to a relationship. As an individual, we each share a different opinion as to what a relationship is, and what it stands for. It’s easier to build relationships once you’ve got an idea of what type of person the other is, and/or what they are looking for from a relationship. Although it isn’t always is it clear, as romantic orientations often get misread, or they get confused between one another.

Aromantics and asexuals are two orientations that are often left in the dark and aren’t exactly spoken about; solely for the reason because the meaning behind them is often gray. People are unable to differentiate between the two and therefore associate them together when in fact the meaning behind those two orientations are completely different from one another, like day and night. Both aim for two different results when it comes to relationships.


“What’s the difference? Aren’t Asexuals and Aromantics the same thing?”

Aromantics are people who experience little to no romantic attractions to their partner, it can be solely physical. They do not seek actions with romantic notions behind them, nor do they desire romantic pursuits when being in a relationship. Let’s make something clear though, aromantics are still capable of love, just without the idea of romance behind it. Attraction doesn’t signify solely romance, there can be attraction without it. It also means that they aren’t against looking for a “significant” other, being aromantic doesn’t exclude having someone you’re exclusive to.

Asexuality often gets associated with aromanticism and actually does sometimes cross paths with it, but the difference between the two is that asexuality is an orientation specifically made for those who are unable to experience or do not seek any sexual pursuits. Asexuality can be the opposite of Aromanticism, sometimes people who are asexual look for relationships that are solely based on a connection that is purely romantic, emotional and affectionate.

So if you run into someone who you are head over heels for, but they don’t seem to be the slightest bit interested in you romantically. Don’t take it to heart, because they might just be aromantic, and aren’t looking for anything that has to do with romantic intentions.


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