These Aphrodisiac Foods Have Been Proven to Spark Romance

When it comes to romance, cooking isn’t the first thing comes to your mind when thinking of spicing up your dating and love life. Science has proven that certain exotic and basic foods are considered to be aphrodisiacs, they stimulate you and heighten your physical and sexual desires. These aphrodisiacs contain vitamins and properties that benefit testosterone and sex hormones, many of which are attained through consumption. The properties and vitamins that are being consumed are then released during intercourse, creating a steamy romp session. A few of the popular foods that are aphrodisiacs are known for setting the mood just by looking at them.

Let’s start off with the most known aphrodisiac, that people still have trouble understanding and wonder how in the world has it made the list.



Known as one of the most notorious aphrodisiacs, oysters contain amino acids which play a key role in the production of sex hormones. Oysters also carry a high level of zinc, which is great for fertility and love. All in all, next time you’re on a date and see oysters on the menu, order them and enjoy them with your date to really set a tone and mood for your night out.



Avocados were given the label of being an Aphrodisiac back when the Aztecs were still present. Its strong reputation even affected the way Aztecs would refer to an avocado tree, giving it the name of testicle tree. Avocados are known to increase the production of testosterone, so ladies chop up some pieces of avocado if you’re planning on doing a dinner date at home.


Chili Peppers

All aphrodisiacs are steaming hot, but chili peppers definitely take the title of being the hottest, figuratively and literally. Spice up your love life by using an actual spice! The aroma and taste definitely can play a key role in stimulating your date with your partner. The kick of spice that comes with these small peppers, stimulates your tongue causing epinephrine’s to be released which send an adrenaline kick to your heart, increasing the speed and rate of your it, ultimately forcing it to release endorphins.



Despite its phallic shape, and the idea behind it for being one of the most awkward foods to eat in public, banana’s somehow manage to get people in mood. Just the shape alone is known for causing people to react with erotic and sexual thoughts, that lead to desires. Similar to avocado’s, bananas are packed with vitamins and enzymes that help the production of testosterone.



This thick and sweet condiment is what I would call the ultimate definition of an aphrodisiac.  Honey contains properties that are released during arousal, therefore fueling and stimulating the sensual experience as an overall. Honey carries nitric oxide, the chemical compound that’s released during arousal, as well as boron a natural energy boosting agent which regulates and controls testosterone and estrogen levels.


Just For Play Ladies

These two ingredients don’t actually contain any compounds that act as a key ingredient for stimulating your sex life. Whip cream and strawberries come hand in hand when it comes to representing what sex and romance would look like if it were a food. Shaped in a heart, and colored in the vibrant shade of red that screams love, romance, and sex. Strawberries are packed with a lot of Vitamin C, and are great when paired with whip cream. Together these two are sure to create a romantic evening for the two of you.


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