Things You Should Know & Do Before Going On Break


Taking a break always seems as though if it were a taboo topic. Is it a good idea to begin with? We all wonder if taking a break will dampen our relationships even more, or if taking a break will flourish our once problematic relationships again. The idea of “taking a break” can often be perceived and misinterpreted as something around the words of a cowardly move. People often assume that taking a break is just another way of getting out of a relationship, and ending it without having to actually utter the words “I’m breaking up with you.” or “It’s over.”. People often dread the idea of taking a break, but taking a break can actually benefit your relationship. Sometimes, the two of you just need some space and solitude, because sometimes being together can be a bit too much. This doesn’t mean you two have going to break up, just give each other some space. It’s jus that; there’s no need to break up.

It’s important to prepare not only yourself but your partner as well when it comes to going on break. It’s important to actually let your partner know that this break is only a chapter in their relationship and that they will be moving forward after. Without discussing such things, it can cause a good relationship that needs just a bit of altering and work, to fall apart.

Before the two of you jump into a break, the two of you should figure out why exactly the two of you want to go on break. Figure out what’s bothering you and why it’s causing you to want space. By doing so, it will give you time to resolve the problem, and concern when the two of you will go on break.

Once you’ve found the reason why you need space, ask yourself if you’re taking a break to avoid a toxic relationship. It’s important to differentiate whether you’re looking to go on break due to the constant arguing, or if you’re going break to strength relationship. If you’re choosing to go on break due to the constant arguments and conflicts the two of you have been experiencing; it might be better to simply just call it quits. The two of you have to come to a mutual agreement, before taking a break from your relationship.



If the two of you choose the latter and decide to go on break because the two of you believe that it will help your relationship, and the two of you as individuals; you’ve got to establish some rules, the do’s and don’ts when you’ll be on break. Couples have a tendency, to just call it a day and go on break and not establish any rules, only to find out once they’re back together, that one of them have been seeing other people whilst being on break.

Also be aware that breaks can lead to a breakup, they’re something that can bring you a step closer to calling it quits. If you two do not put any effort in fixing your already toxic relationship, then most likely there’s a high chance that a break will lead to a breakup. So be prepared, as a break can only act as a safety net for so long.

Although, if you commit to fixing this relationship, and constantly communicate with your significant other. Your partner will see that you are determined to salvage your relationship and there’s a high chance that not only will the two of you be back together, but you two will have a stronger relationship. The key to making a relationship stronger, and fixing all the small concerns and problems, is communication. Without it, the two of you are left in the dark and are unable to clarify what the problem is and find solutions for it.

Let us know what you believe, is important to acknowledge when going on break!



  1. Blair
    Blair says:

    I had a douche ex boyfriend who wanted to take a break basically so he could hook up with another girl but he still wanted to live in our house and basically mooch off me at the same time. As a stupid early 20’s girl, I let him do it. stupid

  2. Uliana
    Uliana says:

    Is it possible to be in love with someone that you don’t find physically attractive? Can you find someone sexually attractive but not physically attractive? Or vice versa? Or finding them mentally attractive and not attractive in another sense, or again the opposite?

    1. Vikky
      Vikky says:

      Most definitely. There’s a huge difference between sexual, romantic and aesthetic attraction. Romantic attraction is “who you fall in love with”, but you don’t have to necessarily be sexually attracted to someone, just because you are romantically attracted to them. And again, you can also just find people aesthetically attractive, but not romantically or sexually so. And yeah, sometimes you can feel sexual attraction without aesthetic attraction (you don’t find them pretty or beautiful, but you want to have sex with them), or without romantic attraction. Attraction is a fun little thing.

  3. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Back when my husband and I were just dating about 2 years into it he got suuuuper depressed, he didn’t know how to process his lack of feelings. How it worked for us was 2 weeks of no communication at all, it was incredibly hard but worth it. 8 years later we are married and are more in love every day.

  4. Keisha
    Keisha says:

    Never seen it work. I figured it was a concept invented on the sitcom Friends specifically as a relationship destroying stupid concept. The idea that you can simply switch off the relationship for a while and turn it back on again kinda trivializes what you actually have together. And if there’s no time set, you’re just letting the other person hang (generally other options become REALLY tempting when you don’t even know when / if your current partner is comming back).

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