Things You Should Stop Doing On Tinder

Not all of us are pro’s when it comes to Tinder, some of us are amateurs when using this popular dating app. Tinder profiles take a lot of work when you’re on a mission to finding your perfect match. It’s a given that you will be dedicating a bit of your free time, to Tinder. Instead of heading to a dating service, or matchmaking service. Simply grab your phone, and tweak your tinder profile according to our list of things you should avoid doing when trying to score a date.


Don’t State What You Want, State Who You Are

From what we’ve noticed is that often times people would state what they’re looking for from a partner, and what they want. This type of profile indefinitely rules out a bunch of people, as it kind of gives them the notion that they’re not what you’re looking for, so why waste time trying? Instead of making an extensive list of your requirements are, make your profile all about yourself. Include your interests, hobbies, and content that gives members and potential matches an insight on who you truly are. Keep an open mind, is what we’re trying to say; because you’ll be surprised with the people out there.

Don’t Be a Mood Kill

Keep the negativity to a minimum on your profile, same as with the list of requirements and wants. Don’t mention your list of pet peeves, and mood kills. Don’t rule out certain types of people as well, as it will often paint a bad a light on your profile. Stay away from words such as hate and despise, as they have been proven to turn people away. Try keeping your profile positive, and mention the aspects and thing you like.

Too Soon To Be Telling You My Life Story?

Don’t tell your life story when the two of you have only started messaging each other. No one is interested in knowing what your ex was like, and what you absolutely can’t stand about them now; nor are they interested in knowing your family drama. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be true to yourself, but keep your personal life and problems to yourself and save them for the 7th date. Discuss the interests you two share, your hobbies and what you are as a person. Keep the messaging light and fun, and keep the deep stuff for when the two of you have already established something between the two of you.

Tinder Isn’t Instagram

While straight-faced, and moody pictures are great for Instagram and will be sure to rack up them likes in no time. They’re not necessarily the best for Tinder, unfortunately, go with something more jovial and fun, and show off your personality through a cheeky picture. It’s been proven that the vibe and feeling your picture gives off, plays a huge role in deciding whether to swipe left or right.

Let us know what you wish people didn’t do on Tinder! We’d love to see what our readers think.


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