Brilliant Date Ideas To Take Your Loved One’s On A Date [Part II]

Here’s the second part of our much-loved list of date ideas! We decided we’d bring back our staple article, with brilliant new fresh and creative ideas that will give you a bit of inspiration when it comes to taking your significant other on a date. After hearing your comments, we came up with another list of dates that’ll be sure to bring you and your partner closer together. The list below gives great date ideas that will leave you and your partner in a good mood, as all of these dates are filled with fun, humor, and some downtime for the two of you to bond over. Try and enjoy these dates out, and let us know what you thought of them! We’ll be reading.

Take a Trip To a Museum and Discover Something New

This date idea isn’t only for the art lovers; museums are a great place to have a date, especially since the two of you are able to share your thoughts on pieces and discuss what you see and what you like and dislike. It’s also a great place to hold hands and simply stroll through the historic and artistic halls. Museums sometimes hold exclusive exhibitions, and that’s surely and event you can build a thoughtful and romantic memory on.

Try out Wine Tasting

Who doesn’t love wine? Wine is often a drink used to accompany you on your date, whether you’re actually drinking it or preparing food with it. Head out to the local wine yards not too far from you, and partake in a wine tasting tour with your partner. Enjoy the boozy beverage while walking hand in hand through the vast yards cladded in grape vines. This little trip will be sure to create a variety of memories for the two of you, and might even spur a new activity that the two of you enjoy.


Though it might sound like an exercise, Trampolining is the new “it” date spot. It’s an active activity, that is filled with laughter and fun. It might look easy but if you’re a beginner it will be filled with stumbles and laughter, not to mention it’s also a challenge, so let your competitive side go wild. This combination of fun and laughter is the perfect formula for a successful and memorable date.


Board Game Cafe’s

The hot spot for dates right now are board game cafe’s, and it’s a place where not only gamers and competitive people come around but it’s also for those who are looking to simply to have fun and enjoy spending time with their partner, or family. Board Game Cafes have a variety of games and give the two of you a chance to choose something that has to do with your interests whether it’s a trivial game of Harry Potter or a classic board game like Monopoly. This hip place gives you and your loved one something to talk about; it’s also a great date idea if you’re planning a double date.

Head up to a Food Festival

Ever crave something but you don’t know what? Or are you having problems deciding on a place to eat? Head up to a food festival with your date, and try out new dishes and foods that the two of you can enjoy. This date will allow the two of you to satisfy your appetite, and discuss the different tones and tastes that each dish held.

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