Affordable Unisex Valentines Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to Valentines Day, it’s hard to come up with unique and creative ideas that won’t kill your budget or break your bank. It also starts to get hard when deciding on a specific gift for a lady or lad. The easy route to go with is unisex gifts, and to top it off we’ve got a list of affordable gifts that your loved one will be sure to like. You wouldn’t want to show up empty-handed, now would you? Here’s a list of our favorite affordable unisex valentines day gifts.


Aromatic Tea’s ($18 – $25)

Pick up a packet of decadent tea, that will be sure to leave a luxurious impression on your partner. Though it isn’t as extravagant as a bouquet, this subtle gift sure packs a punch. High-end tea always carries a rich taste and aroma, so why not pick up a box of Kusmi Tea or Sloan Tea.


All’s well when it comes to a Swell Bottle ($42)

If you want your gift to become well used, pick up a Swell Bottle. It’s affordable and it will definitely come in handy as it’s a great bottle to store cold or hot beverages. You can also customize it your significant others taste, based on color and finish.


Boozy Flights with your Carry On Cocktail Kit ($22)

Say goodbye to boring flights, with this mini cocktail kit. Packed with everything you need to stir up an old-fashioned, you’ll be guaranteed to have an interesting flight. All you’ve got to do is order a cup of bourbon, and you’re set to go. The instructions are pretty clear, so you’ll be sure to enjoy your custom cocktail, 30 thousand feet above in no time.


Shake Up Something Special in a Pineapple Shaker ($28 – $50)

If you’ve been following trends, you would know that Pineapple anything is here to stay. Whether you’re it’s a pineapple sculpture or a pineapple painting; the latest craze is pineapple shakers. Share this gift with your significant other, and stir something fun up for the both of you!


Upgrade to a Chic Planner ($20 – $50)

Forget what everyone says, planners are always a great gift. Not only are they aesthetically stunning, but they also do come in handy at one point or another. It can be used in multiple ways, whether you’re actually going to use it for planning, or keep it as a contact book. There are endless amounts of options when it comes to finding a purpose for a stationary planner. So don’t be ashamed of getting one for your partner, they’ll be sure to use it.


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