Romance Movies To Stream Of Netflix [Part II]

After reading through your comments on the first article, we’ve heard you guys loud and clear and made a list of movies that you guys have requested! In this article, we’ve added three additional categories that we believe all of you who’ve commented would like, featuring your favorite romance movies, period/historical films, and foreign movies. Watching through each and every one of them, we’re sure you and your significant other will have a successful romantic date night while watching these. Let us know which movie has been your favorite out of the second part of romance films list we’ve created, also don’t be afraid to suggest movies we might not have mentioned, other users might love to hear what you’ve got to suggest!



Last Love (2013)

Last Love is a sad tale of a widowed man who’s lost his wife and is now living by himself in a state of depression. That is until he meets a bubbly young woman, who seems to bring him out of his depressed state and brings him back to life. The young women is a dance teacher, who somehow convinces the elderly man to come out of his shell, and try to enjoy the moments that life is giving you.


Me Before You (2016)

Based on the novel, the movie Me Before You covers the story of a young and perky woman named Lou, who becomes a caregiver to Will, a wealthy banker who was left paralyzed after an incident two years earlier. Due to his injury, Will became unresponsive and depressed and often times became cynical and a handful. Lou was put to the test in taking care of him, and in the process falls deeply in love with him. As the bond between the two of them deepens, the two of them are phased with obstacles neither of them can imagine.


Pretty In Pink (1989)

This is an oldie but a goodie, and if you’re feeling nostalgic this is definitely your go to movie. The story of Pretty In Pink revolves around the idea of a high school love triangle. The movie follows the relationship of Blane and Andie, where neither fit into each other’s worlds and struggle to find a common ground. Until a third person is thrown into the circle, Duckie is Andie’s best friend but he’s actually secretly in love with her.

This is for you if you love the oldies and are looking to enjoy a couple good ones that are full proof, and approved by many if not the entire world. We can promise you that you will not go wrong with any of these films. These classics are definitely those type of movies that you should watch at least once.



Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

This classic is a definite movie that should be watched at least once. Based on Truman Capote’s novel, this movie follows the story of a young woman who by chance meets a man when he moves into her building. The two of them compliment each others story as the both of them are in a relationship or seeking one, purely based off of financial stability. The young man is in a current relationship with a much older woman who’s wealthy. In other words, he is depended off of her; while Holly is an upscale escort looking for a wealthy man she can marry.


Titanic (1997)

This romance movie is considered a classic as the movie is supposedly based off of a true story. Furthermore, Titanic is a historic event, and catastrophe. This ill-fated romance is based on the RMS Titanic, following the love story of two people from different social classes who end up falling in love on that very boat. This movie also depicts the tragedy that ultimately sunk the largest moving object, at the time.

Grease (1978)

Grease definitely earns the title of the most successful movie musical, this action packed movie follows a group of high school kids in the 1950’s. Follow and experience the friendships, hardships, adventures and romances that arise throughout the movie. Ultimately the movie does revolve around Sandy, the foreign exchange student and the bad boy leather clad Danny. This summer fling, causes enough drama between the two characters but will it also affect their two very different group of friends?

Our last category is specifically for the history buffs out there, or if you’re simply into period films. These three movies will be sure to engulf you, and your loved one. Who knows you might just feel as though the two of you belong there, and should have been born a few centuries ago.



Anna Karenina (2012)

Filled with controversy, drama and secret love affairs. This movie follows the story of the wife of a Russian imperial minister, Anna Karenina. The noble lady causes a scandal when people find out about her love affair with the Count Vronsky. Her husband offers Anna two choices that indefinitely set the path of the movie. Anna Karenina has to make a choice between leaving her family behind, including her son, and going into exile with Count Vronsky or staying with the family and abiding by the rules and morals of the society at that current time.


Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Based on Jane Austen’s well-loved novel, Pride and Prejudice follow the story of Elizabeth Bennet. A woman who resides with her quaint family in the English countryside. Being the eldest out of her sisters, Elizabeth faces the pressure of marrying from her parents. Everything changes once the young Elizabeth is introduced to Mr. Darcy a respected handsome and wealthy man. The chemistry between them is so strong that the two of you who will be watching will be able to see just how much the two of them are in love.


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