What Your Fights Say About Your Relationship

If you think you’re the only one out there, who’s dealing with constant fights and troubles in relationships then you’re not the only one. Many couples experience fights every other day, and many of them for same reasons. Fighting is something that’s considered normal, it comes with the relationship. Sometimes the two of you will disagree on certain topics, and neither of you will always share the same opinion on certain subjects.

Fights are something that can tell quite a lot about a relationship, and what the people in the relationship might be feeling. Each word, action, intonation and gesture has a meaning behind it; so the two of you might be fighting about one thing, but in reality, there might be a completely different subtext to your dispute.

We’ve categorized the styles of fighting, that many couples fall into. The style of your fighting can tell the feelings you’re internalizing, and why you might be acting out the way you have. In order to determine which style and category you fit into, you’ve got to reflect not only on yourself but the reasons that are pushing you to act this way. This goes beyond just analyzing what brought you to your current fight, you’ve got to go to the root of the issue and try figuring out what’s been putting you on edge recently.


I’ll Pretend My Way To Happiness

You’re the type who likes to pretend that everything’s okay and that nothing’s bothering you but in reality, you’re giving them either the silent treatment or you’re holding a grudge against them. What this style says about your relationship, and you yourself is that you internalize everything because you might feel as though, your partner will disregard your worries and troubles or if you voice your thoughts it might damage your relationship even more than if you were to pretend everything’s okay.

What Did You Say?

You’re the type who responds back with an insult. You speak before you think, and you won’t take insults light-heartedly. You’d rather fight back rather than explaining why what your partner said hurts you. This style of fighting usually portrays a power struggle, between two partners. If both of you choose to insult and outscream each other, is that most likely there are two bold personalities that are looking to both have power over one another. It indicates that there might be insecurities underlining this argument and dispute.

Who Said Being Passive Aggressive Is Wrong?

Being passive aggressive is a category in itself. You’re the type who will shout “nothing’s wrong, I’m fine” when there’s clearly something wrong. You’ll make small, harsh remarks every now and then, and you’ll give the stink eye occasionally. This style of fighting shows that you’re either acknowledging that you’re guilty, or that there’s something bothering that you don’t want to mention in hopes that your partner will figure out what they did wrong. In a way, it shows the lack of communication and trust between the two of you.

In order to overcome these types of fights, it’s important to be able to communicate between one another. The both of you will have to learn how to understand, and not disregard each other’s concerns and problems. You’ll have to be able to voice that you understand what your partner’s concern consists of and most of all sometimes either one of you or the both of you will have to comprise in order to resolve each others problems. The two of you should be able to feel comfortable enough with each other, to share what’s been bothering you and what actions have hurt you.

Which category do you fit into and what do you do to solve your problems with your partner? Let us know!


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