Things to Avoid When it Comes to Dating

When it comes to dating, and you want to succeed, it is crucial that you know what mistakes you can make, so that you can avoid them. Below are some things to avoid when dating.

Avoid Flowers and Candy

Such gifts are fine when the relationship has become well established, and the couple is comfortable with each other. But during the first stages of any relationship, they should be avoided being given as presents as they are likely to send out negative signals.

Never Be Predictable

A man likes a woman who can provide excitement in his life. So when arranging a date try to avoid the more tried and tested dinners or going to the cinema, instead aim for something that is likely to excite them a little more. But when arranging such dates, you need to make sure that it is something that the man is going to be willing to participate in.

Never Limit Yourself

A woman who only restricts himself to one kind of man is likely to find life extremely boring. Instead, go for women who are outside of your comfort zone, not only can you bring excitement into their lives, but they can also bring the same into yours.


Too Much InterestAt Once

If you want to avoid a man walking away from you in the early stages of the relationship then avoid asking too many questions about themselves. Women who want to know everything about a man on a first date are very insecure, and the man will feel uncomfortable with the situation and will prefer to walk away before getting too deeply involved.

Limit Phoning Him

Although it is nice to chat on the phone, during the early stages of the relationship use the phone only to arrange dates with them. Instead, keep all the more important conversation for when you are together again. A woman who phones man regularly is very insecure about the relationship, and it is these insecurities in them that can cause a man to walk away from the relationship.

Avoid Complaining

Although men like to complain if you want to keep him interested then avoid doing this yourself. To keep him interested in you when together, ensure that the time is spent in fun and enjoyable ways. Certainly, a guy who likes to complain or moan about others is sending out negative signals, which a woman can interpret as being negative towards her. Therefore avoid any negative conversations when together.

If you keep the above things in mind, you should be able to avoid some of the more common mistakes many make when dating for the first time. Plus keeping these in mind should help to ensure that when dating someone, he enjoys the time that he spends with you and will respond more positively towards you in the future.


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