Why Millennial’s are Putting Off Getting Married

When most people, especially those from the older generation, hear the word millennial, the picture of a young adult curled in a corner bent over a laptop with a smartphone on the hand comes to mind. This is what the media has painted them to look like. However, this generation (born in the years ranging from the 1980s to the early 2000s) are much more than a bunch of lazy, spoiled kids with an attitude of entitlement. Growing up with computers and the internet, they are more socially networked and tolerant of other people. They are liberal minded and conscious of their communities. Having been brought up by involved and present parents, they are confident, goal-oriented, entrepreneurial and even at times get a little over ambitious.
Millenials are generally the children of baby boomers but the differences between these two generations are huge. One of the greatest differences is the issue of relationship and marriage. While the baby boomers believed in romantic relationships that lasted, their children do not. Unlike their parents who kind of rushed to find partners and settle down, millennials are in no hurry. Millenials are avoiding long-term relationships and marriage. Let us look at some reasons why millennials are putting off getting married.


Changing Times

Times have changed. Economic pressure is harder on the millennials than it was on their parents. The job markets are tougher and this has made the millennials take more time to discover themselves and hence marriage is shelved for later. Millenials also want to accomplish their goals before settling down.

Social Media and Poor Communication

Dating has become impersonal thanks to dating apps and social media. People are finding themselves with people they really don’t know or like and such relationships always fail. Texts have taken over the role of face to face communication. Even apologies in relationships are made by texts. This is so impersonal and hurts the relationship. Also, millennials want to be in constant touch with their partners. When a partner doesn’t text or call for a few hours, the other partner becomes paranoid which brings trust issues and fights.

Decline of Trust in Marriage

Some millennials grew up in families where marriages failed. They witnessed violence and divorces and hence are scared of going through the same.

Cultural Changes

Unlike in the past, unmarried people are not seen as incomplete and there is no pressure on them to get married. The media portrays divorcees and single parents more positively and hence millenials are increasingly taking that route.

Fear of Responsibilities

Millenials want to be in relationships but do not want to be committed. This fear of commitment and responsibilities makes them put off marriage.

There are likely many more reasons on an individual basis that young people are tending to shy away from committing right away to their significant others, but these certainly are the main things.


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