Worst Ways to Breakup with Someone

Breakups are often messy and full of emotion, but often times a lot of this can be avoided by just making sure you end the relationship properly. We offer an article to help you let him down in the most sensitive way possible, but here are a few examples of the worst ways you could go about it.

Picking a Fight

Breaking up with someone by starting a fight is just plain low. If you are feeling like you want to end the relationship, own it and do it respectfully. Starting a fight to give you an excuse to end it “in the heat of the moment” is a poor way of going about things, and shows immaturity on your end.

During a Romantic Night Out

If your man is taking you out to dinner and trying to enjoy a night with you, don’t spoil it by dropping him in the middle of your date. He’s gone out of his way to treat you. While we understand the thought that he’s spending time and money on you and you don’t want to be with him anymore, in that situation it’s best to end the relationship before the date even begins.

While Drunk

This should be obvious. Don’t break up with your boyfriend while you’re out with the girls and barely able to stand, never mind hold a conversation. Breaking up with someone requires a certain amount of finesse and sensitivity. Neither or these things are easy to execute while slurring your words at the bar.


In Writing

This should be obvious by this point, but you’d be surprised how many people still break up over text. Your partner deserves to be let down in person, so don’t send out an email, text message, or even a letter in the mail to end your relationship.

After Making a Big Investment

Again, this should be obvious. If you and your significant other have just bought a pet, car, or rented an apartment, this is not the best time to let him go. If your in this situation at all it shows poor decision making on your part to begin with. If you are having doubts about your relationship and are thinking you may want to break up, it would be wise to not make big investments such as these to begin with.

Having a Friend Do the Deed

Having a friend or relative break up with your boyfriend for you is the lowest route you can take. We’d actually prefer you took the text route over this. This is your relationship, your choice, take responsibility and end it yourself. Honestly, we are always confused as to where people finds friends willing to break up for them to begin with.

There are a few other ways you shouldn’t be ending your relationship, such as ghosting, through social media or in public. We feel like mentioning them alone should be enough, as it’s pretty obvious why you shouldn’t be doing it these ways. When ending a relationship it’s always best to be respectful and break up in a way you would want to be broken up with.


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